About Redoubt Antifascists


We are an autonomous collective of antiracist, antisexist, antihomophobic, and, of course, antifascist researchers and concerned citizens taking action to protect our communities.


We are here to assist our communities with information, news, and tools, about threats of fascism and fascist creep. In this region, there’s a long history of hate groups (Aryan Nations), and current threats, including right-wing extremists, nationalists, christofacists, and other dangerous ideologies.


We cover a large area, The American Redoubt, that represents a large swath of, largely unpopulated, land from eastern Oregon and eastern Washington state, and all of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.


We, as contributors and researchers, come from a wide variety of backgrounds and spaces within the region. We work together to preserve the well-being and safety of our communities. As much as we dislike fascism, we do this work out of deep love for our home and the people around us. We do this to keep us safe.