About the Region

The Redoubt covers an incredibly large area. Our square-mile scope, in all likelihood, makes it the biggest antifascist project in the United States. Population-wise, not so much. There’s a population of 5,268,589 in the entire region, according to the latest numbers (2020). There’s 8,419,000 people in New York City alone, for comparison.

Because of the great size and low population density of the area, it’s important to understand a few things about fighting fascism in this space.

Watch Your Back

We can’t be everywhere all of the time (but we are always watching). It’s important to make sure that you’ve got more than enough backup and support for any situations that you may find yourself in. Make sure that your plans have backup plans and that your backup plans have escape routes. Stay smart and stay safe.

Protect Yourself

Operations Security (OPSEC) “is the process of protecting individual pieces of data that could be grouped together to give the bigger picture.” Protecting yourself starts with minimizing the information that gets out about you, your crew, or your work. The state and right-wing extremists may try to stop your resistance in many different ways. Don’t make their job easy; don’t do their work for them. Actively look for ways that a stranger or outside actor (or, heaven forbid, someone on the inside) could draw a picture of you; what would it look like? Could they use it to find you? Keep your circles tight and your secrets close.

Be Aware of Threats

It’s easier to prevent a spill than it is to clean one up. Know your enemy. Be aware of your surroundings and who you may run into, even randomly, in your community. Stay ready before you find yourself in a situation where surprise is not in your favor. As a community, we don’t advocate violence but self-defense can be unavoidable in some cases.

Be Mindful

Stay aware of your goals and the best ways to achieve them. Sometimes things are necessary or can’t be avoided, even if they produce less than ideal outcomes. Be mindful of your actions and how they advance the goal of resisting fascism.


We are aware of the risks that we’re taking and want you to be aware of the risks you may take as well. We view a lot of the work through a lens of defiance: we do the things that we feel must be done. We’re able to make our own risk-reward assessments and encourage you to do the same. We do not want to see your freedom taken away or for you to be hurt. Do not do anything that might hurt you or your community at our behest. Protect yourself and each other.