WLM Idaho Organizer Identified as Teran McKinney

White Lives Matter Organizing

In the Spring of 2021, in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, a power vacuum was created. The Proud Boys and militias were hiding, national right-wing organizers were distancing, and Enrique Tarrio was snitching (allegedly). While the usual rats were occupied, the snake under the surface started to slither. The KKK, neo-Nazis, and legitimate white nationalists tried their hand at organizing. They had been deeply involved in the right-wing extremism throughout 2020, appearing at “Patriot” and anti-BLM events around the country. They appeared as biker gangs in Coeur d’Alene. They had shown themselves as “concerned citizens” in rural Montana. In Spokane, they acted as law enforcement and religious leaders.

“White Lives Matter, a racist response to the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter, is a neo-Nazi group that is growing into a movement as more and more white supremacist groups take up its slogans and tactics.”- Southern Poverty Law Center

The White Lives Matter organizers used the same tools recently utilized by “Stop the Steal” organizers and the Proud Boys. Telegram, the same communication and organization space as those movements (after the Parler leaks/shutdown and Facebook purges), had proven more durable and friendly to their needs. This space was also easy to infiltrate and closely monitored by many different groups.

Using Telegram, the White Lives Matter front of white nationalism spawned channel after channel of organizational space representing every city that they found interest. Flyers, stickers, and tags went up in several places across the country as they tried to draw attention to their movement and their intent to mobilize. In the Redoubt, channels popped up for WLM Idaho and WLM Boise; it is our understanding that we had eyes on both.

Nationally, their organizing was a disaster. Like in Idaho, infiltration by antifascists was rampant. Their largest spaces ended up being used for doxing and destabilizing their efforts.

“Leaked Chats Show ‘White Lives Matter’ Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration” – Tess Owen, Vice

Multiple major channels of the WLM organization operation ended up being data collection points for antifascists. Plans, connections, and identities (often kept secret to maintain “respectable” cover in communities) spilled out into the open. Despite the huge setbacks, leaks, and chaos around their event: White Lives Matter continued to tell their followers to show up around the country on April 11th, 2021. Some city organizations collapsed, some continued.

Boise was one of the communities where the organizer refused to back down. Antifascists collected information and prepared their response. The response involved a broad coalition of concerned citizens across several preparation meetings. Signs were made, a noise demo was planned. In as much as anyone could hope: safety was considered.

White Lives Matter Event

On the morning of April 11th, antifascists were on the scene and ready early. They were in the park that White Lives Matter had chosen as their rally space, spotting and reporting to the others. The others were gathering at an off-site location, preparing to march the noise demo into the rally.

Many big trucks circled, several paused (sometimes for minutes at a time) to scope out the park, a few even parked and waited. As their event start time loomed closer, one person entered the park and approached antifascists parked at a table. “You guys here for the event?” he asked. “What event?” was the response. The man accepted this as the right answer from people gathering for a White Lives Matter event, he assumed the antifascists were with him!

He quickly opened up and explained that he was the organizer of the event. He answered several questions, including divulging to antifascists that he was not armed. Before the conversation went on too long, the noise demo marched up. The trucks pulled out quickly and it was just Teran left in “the lion’s den.” (His language, from this post, a video from 2018 where he and his mom went to an anti-ICE protest in Trump hats.)

This is White Lives Matter organizer Teran McKinney:

“I think the more diverse this area becomes, the more crime it’s gonna have, the less people trust each other.” – Teran McKinney, April 11, 2021

Teran on YouTube

Soft-spoken, well-armed, and afraid that the white race is going extinct, Teran seems to consider himself more of a race-realist than racist. He does everything he can to utilize dog-whistles and coded language to avoid saying the quiet parts out loud. It seems, to a certain degree, that he believes his bullshit. In his mind, he doesn’t want to fight; he says he wishes all of the other races well. At the same time, he insists that his make-up is superior and those with less deserve less. This cold, passionless, condemnation of those he deems inferior is particularly jarring. If we hadn’t caught him organizing a White Lives Matter event, it doesn’t seem like anyone would take him seriously as a threat.

If this description of Teran sounds like a description of a violent, white, extremist: concerningly, Teran recorded thoughts shortly after the Christchurch shootings. The video can be seen here: “Thoughts on the Christchurch and San Diego Shootings” by Potatohead (Teran McKinney) on YouTube.

A few quotes from Teran on the Christchurch shooting video:
[2:08] The mosque shooter… I have to admit… I relate to him a lot. I believe in a lot of the same things… The thing, itself, you know, strikes me as being terrible but then… you know, am I rationalizing something that really is, actually, a good thing? Maybe we should start shooting mosques? … I’m kind of drawn to both sides of it. I try to keep an open mind.
[3:48] I do believe that, generally speaking, white genetics are superior.
[7:00] Yes, I do consider myself to have some white supremacist ideas.
[8:30] Whites are, at the current rate, basically going extinct. You can solve it by killing off every other race. You can solve it by raising white birthrates. A combination of the two.
[9:50] I think, generally speaking, mass shooters tend to be very, very, intelligent.
[14:15] I’m not a big fan of Jews, in general.
[17:25] I can have an appreciation for violence on one hand in that sometimes violence is the answer.

Teran on WhiteDate

Switching gears, another place Teran could previously be found online was a dating website, “whitedate.net”. Those screenshots can be viewed below. They paint a picture of a lonely, confused, racist. (Click each image to enlarge.)

Teran on His Own

While his Christchurch video and dating profile confirm that this is our person, there’s more to figure out about Teran. First: the name. Where does the name Teran McKinney come from? “Teran” can be seen across many of his online profiles. “McKinney” is a conclusive detail provided by his resume, which he uploaded to his archived website, go-beyond.org.

Also on Teran’s Website:

“I believe that the story of the “6 million Jews killed”, mostly by gassing by the Nazis, is false. At a minimum, it is a gross oversimplification of reality. And while grim, the plight of the Jews under the Nazis was not how it has been described.” – Teran McKinney, go-beyond.org

Exploring Teran’s archived website is akin to looking around a red-flag graveyard. Here’s just a few quotes from his post, “Is Violence the Answer?” from January 6th, 2021.

So, is violence the answer?


Now, I could go out and try to hunt down some IRS agents and local tax collectors and hang them. In theory, I wouldn’t be hassled about taxes if I did it enough times (successfully). But what if I just tried not paying taxes? I’ve never done that before. It seems like the more peaceful solution. And if someone goes after me, there’s a more direct link between violence and necessity.

I think, the more radical you become, the easier the idea is that violence is the answer. It’s easy to forget what your contribution to a problem is, and if you haven’t actually tried to fix it yourself, within the ways that you can. For instance, telling someone no is a good start before going around shooting people. I’m not saying to never go around shooting people, but at least learn how to say no first.

You can accept your fate as a rat in the race, struggling for land in a rigged system, paying for those you’ll never know so you struggle to provide for those you do. Or you can see the absurdity it is, and once you’re doing all you can to be your best, when the tyrannical fate is at your doorstep knocking, it’s surely the time to strike. If not already a bit sooner if you truly know the war is coming to you whether you like it or not.

The 2nd amendment clearly is not just for show. There are traitors who have to be hung. There are battles to be won. There is land to be conquered.

Teran at Home

In his dirt bike video, Utah BRD – Lockhart Basin – Day 2 Highlights (2019), there’s several seconds during the introduction where his blue and white Yamaha WR250R can be seen. In the thumbnail, and at 10:42 in the video, Teran can be seen posing with the bike. This is the same person from the Christchurch video, this is the same person from the White Lives Matter rally.

A bit of detective work turned up an address in Boise. When researchers checked the Boise address, we found the Yamaha WR250R parked in the garage.

What to Do About Teran

Teran is an unemployed, hyper-online, anarcho-capitalist, white supremacist, who lives with his parents in Boise, Idaho. We call on all communities that he is a member of to reject him completely. We call on Teran’s parents to take corrective action and stop enabling their white supremacist son. We call on Boise to do more to make these types of folks uncomfortable and let them know that they’re not welcome. We call on the online community to stay vigilant: currently, it seems that all of Teran’s projects are failures and dormant. We must keep it that way. Don’t give hate space anywhere to be comfortable.

In Conclusion

Boise antifascists and antiracists worked to stop hate from finding a foothold in their community when White Lives Matter tried to take to the streets on April 11th, 2021. White Lives Matter tried to rally again on May 8th, 2021. Antifascists showed up, once again, and chased Teran McKinney and a half-dozen other neo-Nazis out. Antifascists must always show up to prevent hate from taking hold. That is community defense; this article is an extension of that. Redoubt Antifascists extends full gratitude, solidarity, and respect to the fighters of Boise who showed up, especially when the threat was unknown. They are an inspiration to many.

We also have to thank Boise’s researchers who gathered information, analyzed details, and kept looking for progress on this.

Finally, a big thanks goes to Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, who connected some dots for us that we’re not sure that we could have without them.

A Final Note: