North Idaho Pride After Action

North Idaho Pride After Action Report Back–RedoubtAFA

This is the after action report from Redoubt Anti-fascists concerning what happened leading up to and during the North Idaho Pride event Pride in the Park in Coeur d’Alene Idaho June 11, 2022.

Anti-fascists traveled to North Idaho to help defend the annual Pride in the Park from fascist assault. Not only is it important that gay pride events not be threatened by those who wish death to LGBTQ folks, but also because nazis must always be confronted. Nazis must not be allowed to feel safe anywhere. Those of us who remember North Idaho and Coeur d’Alene (CDA) when the Aryan Nations were around, we know on a very personal level just how important it is that nazis not feel safe enough to begin operating openly. These nazis who protested North Idaho Pride believe the same as the Aryan Nations. Not only are both groups nazi, but both groups advocated a PNW white ethnostate. Many if not all the nazis who protested gay pride in CDA are advocates of what is called the Butler Plan, which is a plan for a nazi take over of the PNW named after the Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler.  

*This is but one viewpoint from one researcher/activists, it does not encompass the full experience or story of those who worked to the best of their abilities to make sure North Idaho Pride would be free from fascist disruption so that attendees could celebrate their gay pride as safely as possible. Please see other after action reports as they are published on Its Going Down and Idavox and elsewhere. 

Background: The Events Leading up to North Idaho Pride

Antifascists associated with the RedoubtAFA research project closely monitor the social media postings of regional neo-nazis and other far right actors. We had been paying attention to neo-nazi and Unite The Right Charletsville VA attendee Vincent James Foxx and his anti gay fear mongering, pearl clutching moral panic posts regarding trans rights and queer liberation, which had started to pick up steam in the first few months of 2022. The concern with loud-mouth bigots like Vincent is not necessarily what they do themselves, because they rarely leave their house, but rather who they inspire and what those people and groups might do. Most of Vincint’s anti gay posts concerned various events outside of the so-called redoubt region of Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Washington and Oregon that we monitor. Then, on April 13, 2022 Vincent posted about North Idaho Pride in Coeur d’Alene (CDA). North Idaho Pride has been an annual gay pride event in CDA for a decade and a half, although it took a break in 2020-2021 due to Covid and related public health concerns regarding large crowds. It is important to note that many fascists such as Vincent James Foxx and David Riely (another UTR Charlitzville attendee) have moved to North Idaho in the 2020-2021 time period that the annual gay pride event was on temporary hold. 

As soon as we saw Vincent’s April 13th post, we began to monitor neo-nazi and other far right chanels and chats for evidence of anyone paying attention to Vincentt. Another important context is that Vincent had been increasingly losing followers and relevance; we viewed much of his anti gay fear mongering posts as a sad attempt to try and stay relevant within the increasingly anti-gay and particular anti-trans landscape of the far right. 

On April 14, 2022 we noticed something that was extremely concerning: A number of neo-nazi fascist groups actually noticed Vincent’s post about North Idaho Pride and decided that they, as organized neo-nazi groups, needed to act. Without Vincent James calling attention to North Idaho Pride it is doubtful any of these other fascist groups would have had any idea the annual pride event was happening. Of the neo-nazi that we found citing Vincent James’ April 13th and 14th posts about North Idaho Pride and then calling for organized opposition against gay pride in CDA were individuals we knew to be associated with various racist skinhead crews, some up and coming neo-nazi groups (we will have information about these soon) and the known neo-nazi organizations White Lives Matter (WLM) and Patriot Front (PF). Among those we found supoprting the idea of a unified neo-nazi organized protest against North Idaho Pride were previously identified Patriot Front leader Colton Micheal Brown of Ravensdale WA, AKA John WA, who is the Network Dirrector for the PNW (NW8) which includes North Idaho, as well as previously identified Idaho White Lives Matter leader Terren McKinney. 

Our Behind the Scenes Response:

By April 14th/15th 2022 we knew there would be organized neo-nazi opposition to North Idaho Pride, including Patriot Front and WLM. We immediately began informing fellow antifascist researchers as well as those community organizations in North Idaho that might be most negatively impacted by the arrival of multiple crews of nazis, most we knew would be traveling from out of state. Although we knew that out of state nazi groups like Patriot Front were intending on protesting North Idaho Pride, we did not know at what capacity they would be doing so. We were as surprised as anyone to see that Patriot Front decided to try and pull their ‘load in the back of a rental truck and jump out for a flash mob’ stunt. A stunt that spectacularly failed. 

With the knowledge of organized fascist opposition to gay pride in CDA, we significanlty increased our observation of these fascist groups. Reminder, these nazis want all LGBTQ people dead. We knew both because of the history of neo-nazi and far right anti gay attacks as well as the threats and causual calls for violence against LGBTQ people we observed within chats and social media comments, that the potential for violence was very real. 

The situation reached a particularly important climax when the explicitly neo-nazi groups began to reach out to non-nazi far right militia organizations such as the Panhandle Patriots Riding Club. The Panhandle Patriots Riding Club (PPRC) is a reactionary far right motorcycle militia group based in North Idaho. They have been on our radar for years, with all members known to us, and we have observed them patrolling the southern border with fellow militias such as Veterans on Patrol, as well as their highly publicized role in violently storming the U.S. capitol building on January 6th 2021. However, in North Idaho PPRC is perhaps best known for organizing with other militia groups and reactionary alt-fascists such as the Proud Boys to parade around CDA in 2020 with a bunch of guns looking for antifa. Based on objectively false and quickly discredited rumors created by alt-right trolls on Twitter that Antifa and BLM from Seattle and Portland were coming to burn down towns across Idaho, Montana and North Dakota. CDA was rumored to be the first stop on this imaginary tour of destruction. PPRC and others showed up to the streets of CDA heavily armed. When nothing happened (because of course, there was never ever any leftists coming to do anything whatsoever), the PPRC congratulated themselves and declared victory. Relevant, the PPRC has also acted as “security” for regional Christian Nationalists who think way too much of themselves, such as Matt Shea. 

Ever since these June 2020 anti BLM gun marches, the PPRC has had a gun rally in June to celebrate their imaginary victory against non-existent antifa and BLM. Without knowing at all that there would be a gay pride event in CDA on June 11th, the PPRC planed their second annual anti BLM, anti-antifa gun rally. After learning the PPRC was planning a gun rally on the same day as North Idaho Pride, the nazis reached out to them to see if PPRC was interested in combining their pro-gun anti-antifa/BLM rally with the neo-nazi anti LGBTQ rally. Our sources within the PPRC informed us that not only did nazis reach out to them, but that those nazis who did so had friednly relationships with various members of the PPRC and that the bikers, including leader Mike Birdsong AKA Viper were fully aware that those planning the anti gay rally were full fledged neo-nazis who advocated for the extermination of all non-aryans (including LGBTQ) and the creation of a white ethnostate in the PNW. To reiterate, Mike Birdsong of the Panhandle Patriot Riding Club not only agreed to change the annual gun rally to be a armed anti LGBTQ rally, but that he agreed to do so in order to rally alongside people who knew to be hard core neo-nazis. This is important because the PPRC publicly declares itself to be opposed to racism and yet they were more than willing to change all of their previous plans in order to join nazis and protest with guns the long running annual gay pride event in CDA.

Knowing this history of PPRC, with their violent behavior and their zero hesitant approach to grabbing a bunch of guns and taking to the streets, it was extremely concerning to see them agree to protest North Idaho Pride along side explicitly neo-nazi organizations. During this time we actively kept community organizations in the loop as to what was being planned behind the scenes. We continued to use our sock accounts to plant seeds of doubt and distrust, to tone down the violent rhetoric. However, we could have never done the damage to this nazi/biker militia coalition that the Panhandle Patriots themselves did. After agreeing to join the nazis, the PPRC decided to give some highly threatening public statements. The violent threats they made of course brought attention to them that the nazis did not appreciate. We worked behind the scenes to explain to reporters, community partners and others what was happening so that folks would have a more complete picture of everything even though we were not taking any of this information public at the time. The next thing we knew, Mike Birdsong decided to throw his nazi allies and friends under the bus, giving an interview badmouthing White Lives Matter. We can only imagine this made the nazis rather upset because the next thing we saw was those fascists attacking PPRC with some nazis calling up Mike Birdsong and others to ask why he changed his mind about working with them (the nazis). The next thing we knew, the PPRC had significantly toned down their rhetoric and changed their event from a gun event to a prayer rally that was to be located in a separate park. Credit goes out to Mike Birdsong for pissing off his nazi friends and publically throwing them under the bus, while also attracting significant public attention to the anti gay protest plans. Although he did agree to work with nazis knowing full well they were nazis, he also broke up that alliance with the nazis in a way that we don’t know if we could have done through disinformation campaigns alone. 

Direct Response: Organizing in a Decentralized Manner

By the end of April 2022 we knew there would be individuals from a variety of neo-nazi organizations planning to protest North Idaho Pride including but not limited to Patriot Front, White Lives Matter, the Asatru Folk Assembly, Peckerwoods, and a not publicly known nazi group which had been on our radar for some time, the Vinland Rebels, as well as various racist skinhead groups and other assocrted nazi fash. Those nazis were planning to join together to distribute anti gay propoganda, to rally, and otherwise disrupt the peaceful, family friendly gay pride event with their hateful, fascist presence. Due to the groups involved, we knew the situation would be volatile with an incredible potential for violence. We also knew that there would be other anti gay protests from the militia crowd including Panhadle Patriots as well as the Christian Nationalist who weild an outsizesed influence in the region. Particularly concerning of the many Christian Nationalists we knew would protest North Idaho Pride was Matt Shea and the other violent bigots connected to the Marble Fellowship Christian Identity/Nationalist cult in Eastern Washington such as the Fire and Ice Ministries. Although Matt Shea and Marble Fellowship have a well documented conection with neo-nazis, going back to the founding of Marble as a Christian Identity church connected to Aryan Nations, we were as supprised as anyone to learn that the son’s of Matt Shea’s head of Security Matt Buster were Spokane WA Patriot Front members Mishael and Josiah Buster. 

All in all, we knew there would be a broad coalition of neo-nazis, Christian Nationalists, hate preachers, American First alt-right groypers, militia members and armed bikers, and general reactionary bigoted far right individuals converging on CDA from a multi state area in order to protest the annual North Idaho Pride. As anti-fascists we do not have faith in the police or the state to keep communities safe from the threat of organized white nationalism and fascism. However, we will be the first to admit the police response far exceeded our expectations; other departments can learn to perhaps stop violent fascists rather than provide them police protection as is usually the case. That said, we have no doubt that months of behind the scenes action in terms of monitoring and advising community partners of the fascist threat that was increasingly growing against North Idaho Pride played a significant role in the fact that police took the threat of violent fascists seriously, which is not something that typically happens. 

We are very familiar with North Idaho and the engrained paranoia and hatred of leftists by a very vocal albeit likely minority of the community, which has increased significantly since 2020 with the fear of antifa and BLM as well as the vast growth and spread of conspiratorial thinking surrounding covid myths and the spread of Q anon. We knew anti-fascists needed to be on the ground in CDA but we also knew we could not make a call to action without giving the far right fuel to feed the fire of paranoia. What happened instead was that as we spread the information of the fascist threat in CDA through back channels, individual activists took it upon themselves to answer the call and to do the right thing as they were capable. Both activists currently living in the region of North Idaho and surrounding areas, as well as those who have historical roots and connections to the CDA and North Idaho community, decided in a fully autonomous manner to talk to their friends and neighbors and come together in small groups or as individuals to travel to CDA to help defend North Idaho Pride. How this was done and organized is important: Never at any point was there any plans to disrupt the North Idaho Pride event. As word spread through underground channels about the full extent of the nazi plans to disrupt pride, other anti fascist folks from around the nation made plans to go to North Idaho simply to document. Our plans were to do everything we could to disrupt the nazi organizing before hand, and then to be there in a way that was obvious to the fascists but much less obvious to everyone else. 

We can not emphasis enough the difference between nazis and other fascists traveling from out of state and those leftists, commonly described as Anfita, who also traveled from out of state. Those nazis had no connection to the community and they traveled with the explicit purpose of harming those who live in CDA. The anti-fascists who traveled had historical connections to the region, many born and raised in North Idaho and others were from the general region with friends and family still living in CDA and throughout the region. Moreover, and this is equally important to emphasize, there was no top-down organized effort to bring leftists to CDA. What there was were a dozen or so individuals who saw the evidence of an organized fascist and neo-nazi assult on gay pride in CDA, who then felt a moral obligation and compelled to go to CDA on their own to help defend a community they had connections to and other wise deep feelings for, from this assault from the far-right. The nazis told other nazis they needed to protest North Idaho Pride; the anti-fascists took it upon themselves to help defend gay pride from this attack. The only people who traveled to attack CDA were members of the far right. 

The Day Off: On the Ground in CDA June 11th 2022 

About a week prior to the North Idaho Pride in the Park event, we were on the ground in CDA checking the area. We removed racist and hateful fascist stickers, we got a feeling for the lay of the land and took note of entry and exit routes throughout the general area.

The day of June 11th, we arrived in the park near the bandshell around 9-9:30 am after also checking out the general area around the library, lake front, and downtown streets. We immediately noticed a significant police presence as well as a mobile command center set up. It was obvious there would be FBI, DHS, CDA police, Idaho State Patrol, Kootenai County Sheriffs and possibly other law enforcement agencies as well. As experienced anti-fascists, we can recognize a fed or plain clothes cop a mile away. In general the presence of police, particularly the feds, makes us uncomfortable due to the well documented, long history of political persecution of left wing activists by the state. In this situation, we knew the threat that fascists posed, that there was a significant safety concern for pride attendees, and that the police had an obligation to protect the legally permitted pride event from disruption. We also knew the police would not hesitate to arrest us if they believed we were causing a disruption. We did not know at what level they would consider an action disruptive, since it was immediately obvious that fascists carrying large weaponry while walking around falsely accusing parents of pediphilia was not considered disruption. That said, we ignored the police. The police were not in any way shape or form a concern of ours. Our focus was to document the organized fascist activity and to do our best standing between the fascists and the pride attendees.  

We arrived in the park in the morning and also observed lose groups of nazis walking around. Some were easy to recognize (the siege masks that are used by accelerationist neo-nazis were sort of a dead give away). Others we did not know right away they were nazis, but monitored them for their associations and activity until we could more or less narrow down who was a nazi, who was a libertarian gun caryier, and who was just a person watching the event out of curiosity. One tactical and strategic decision each of us had to make was whether or not to wear a mask. Outside of North Idaho, wearing a mask while at a crowded event during a global pandemic at a time when cases are rising might not seem like a particularly controversial thing. But, again, we are familiar with the area. All of us who have worn masks in North Idaho during covid have at one point or another had people threaten us for doing so. Wearing a mask puts a target on you even if it is due to covid concerns and not due to safety concerns regarding hiding identity from nazis. Each one of us had to make that decision ourselves: attract negative and even hostile attention by wearing a mask, but also protect your identity; or, blend in better with the crowds but risk your face ending up on nazis camera footage. As the events began, we walked around and introduced ourselves to those organizing activities and to the people volunteering at the various event and group booths. The nazis made it so obvious who they were they’re really wasnt much need to explain to people who they were, but we did mention to certain event volunteers that we would be monitoring the fascists to the best of our capacity. We received far more thank yous from the pride event volunteers, people working at booths, and regular pride attendees than we did insults and threats from the fascist cowards who lurked in the background surrounding pride.  

As more and more people began to filter into the park for pride festivities, the event table and info booths opened up and performances began on stage. Now, some history, the Aryan Nations used to rally at this exact same park, Richard Butler stood on the very same bandshell in 1999 giving the sieg hiel “hitler salute.” At that time, there was a significant “antifa” protest against the nazis, and people physically and dirrectly confronted, fought, and otherwise challenged the nazis in the street forcing them to alter their plans, change routes and eventually leave. Twenty-three years later we watched as drag queens took to that same stage where Butler once stood. Those queens denounced hate, and called for peace and love while only yards away neo-nazis and fascists stood, gathered around the park bandshell with fingers on triggers and spewing hate under their breath. The queens looked out at all the love of the pride attendees, all surrounded by a layer of fascist hate on all sides, and called for people to challenge that fascist hate by celebrating their identity, their gay pride, even louder, to dance harder, to fly the rainbow flag even higher. It was obvious at that moment the neo-nazis, christian hate preachers, and other fascists and reagtonary bigots had lost. No matter how many guns the far right carried, no matter how much hate speech they spewed, no matter how many threats they mumbled under their breath as they walked past people, no matter how much they tried they were never going to be able to intimidate people. In 1999, anti-fascists outnumbered and eventually shut down the nazis in CDA. In 2022, drag queens took to that same stage that nazis had once occupied. The nazis who showed up to counter protest, intimidate, and try to cancel pride were once again outnumber and shut down. While this time they weren’t shut down by confrontation and fighting, they were instead shut down by the giant fuck you that is the collective middle finger given to them by all those who refused by be threatened and intimidated, who showed up to the pard to celebrate their pride in the face of armed fascist opposition. It was impossible not to recognize the significance of that movement when we realized that no matter what else might happen that day, the nazis dispite all their attempts at building a hate coalition, had lost. On the ground that day as well as writing this up a week later, it’s hard not to get emotional.

As the day continued, the cycle of events sort of became repetitive in terms of monitoring the fash. There were the main pride events, with live music, drag queens, and a DJ and dancing. That was the bandstand stage and the grass in front of the stage where people danced and sat watching the performances. Then there was behind that area, still facing the stage, booths for various community groups supporting North Idaho Pride, activity and event booths, and then some delicious food trucks including an assemble your own cupcake bar that was particularly delicious. Then, surrounding all of that was basically a rim of hate and potential violence. Hate preachers with banners, libertarian militia types with guns (some of whom claimed they were there to protect pride as well as protect the anti pride protesters. Libertarians are confused), and then legit hard core neo-nazis. The nazis were our primary concern. Most of the time the nazis would walk around the outers of the event, lurking in the background. One heavily armed lurking nazi was suspicious enough in his full camo poncho and face covering that even gun loving, libertarian media fan boy Ford Fischer thought the dude was a suspect and a bit much. Then, after an hour or more after festivities started, more nazis showed up. The lurking nazis joined with these new nazis and began to enter directly into the main area where pride festivities were happaning. These nazis began walking around the various booths and around where people were dancing distributing hate speech flyers with false “facts” about gay people. These flyers were nothing but printed off versions of old Vanguard America flyers. Considering the events that would later occur, it is worthwhile to note that Patriot Front is a break off nazi organization that grew from Vangaurd America following the deadly Unite The Right nazi rally in Charltsville VA. After UTR, Tommy Rousseau took the Vanguard America servers and used them to establish a new nazi group that he could then be dear leader of, Patriot Front.

We observed closely these nazis passing out their flyers, even got them to give us some for our collection of fash garbage. We removed the flyers the nazis would place at various booths. Eventually these nazis realized no one really wanted their flyers, nor did anyone want to listen to them explain that when they achieved their white ethnostate in the PNW they would kill all gay people. The nazis mostly then stood around the edge of pride watching the drag show with what we can only assume was a bunch of confused self hatred (if you think drag queens are grooming children, which they absolutely are not, then what does that make you the bigoted hater who stands around watching those queens while lurking behind trees and bushes?). 

For the most part people ignored the fash. This is what was recommended by the drag queen host, and non confrontation is what the organizers of North Idaho Pride advised. The thing about guns is it really makes the fight unfair if one were to break out. However, there were a couple of older ladies who everyone got a kick out of as they followed the armed nazis around commenting loudly about how those men must be overcompensating for something. Other anti-fascists would stand in front of the nazis banners with umbrellas open to block the hateful, homophobic massage from being seen by those attending pride. 

We continued to monitor and observe, we walked around the general area of the park and went over to the library where white nationalists Vincent James and David Riley were hanging out. We went around and removed Patriot Front hate stickers. While removing a PF sticker, we were stopped by the CDA police who wanted to know what we were doing. We explained that we were removing from a sign a hateful sticker from the neo-nazi group Patriot Front, and explained who Patriot Front was and what they stood for. Surprisingly, the cops thanked us for the explanation of the group, saying they did not know it was a nazi organization, and then thanked us for removing the stickers and wished us a nice rest of the afternoon. By 12 noon, after taking down several Patriot Front stickers, we discussed how it was unusual we hadn’t yet seen Patriot Front. We knew they were planning on being there. There was one nazi who looked like Patriot Front, at least had the distinct white face covering around his neck. We figured that the local North Idaho and Washington PF members might just be out of uniform.

As we walked around we noticed Matt Shea and his followers signing hymns off-key and walking down Sherman Ave. Matt Shea is a fascist Christian Nationalist who is incredibly dangerous. We have since learned that his head of security is the father of two Patriot Front nazis. Several times we were asked by passers by and even the police who it was leading the procession, and we explained it was Matt Shea and talked about how Shea was considered to be a domestic terrorist by his own republican party. One individual we explained who Shea was to, turned around and yelled at the cops for allowing such a terrible man to parade around with a crew of armed followers. We observed Matt Shea heavily guarded by militia members and what appeared to be Panhandle Patriot Riding Club members. While we followed Matt Shea and his procession of christian nationalist weirdos as they walked towards the park where North Idaho Pride was occurring, we also noticed Shawna “Butterfly.” Shawna is a Panhandle Patriot Riding Club member who frequently is in Arizona patrolling the southern border. She is one of the people behind the far right extremist Telegram channel Border Warz. She also participated in the attempted neo-fascist, anti democracy coup in WA DC on January 6, 2021. 

Following Matt Shea and PPRC back to the park, we split off observation of them to go back to observing the neo-nazis who had once again unvailed their homophobic banner. We joined with others to help block the banner from sight of those attending the pride events. This was about 1:30 PM. This was also the time we observed multiple police, particularly sheriff deputies running towards Northwest Blvd. As we were deciding whether or not to follow those cops we learned Patriot Front had shown up. That is when we hurried off to where the flashing lights were. We arrived to see over twenty Patriot Front members lined up near the road with their hands zip-tied behind their backs. At this point, it should be mentioned, the sun started to shine brightly. All day it had been overcast and raining, now it was sunny. The police informed us of the boundary we could not pass, which was that we could not go onto the grass and had to stay on the sidewalk. That was totally fine with us, because we were still within five feet or so of the nearest PF member and still less than 20 feet away from where the police were unmasking PF members one by one. We watched and photographed as each one of the PF members was unmasked and put into a paddy wagon. We heckled them and generally laughed with the others from the general public as we watched these nazis being humiliated. We knew Patriot Front was planning on being in CDA to oppose North Idaho Pride, but we had no idea that national leadership, including founder and leader Thomas Rousseau, would show nor did we think ever that they would attempt their ‘gather in the back of a rental van and all storm out to flash mob’ trick that has failed every time they attempt it. Usually they get out of the rental van only to get beat up by comunity members who don’t want nazis in their neighboorhood. But this time, a CDA local called the cops on suspicious activity after seeing 31 masked men get into the back of a u-haul with sticks and shields. The police responded to the call by pulling over the u-haul and arresting every person inside. It is unknown what the arrival of PF would have done to North Idaho PRide had they not been stopped by a community member who, for all we know, thought he was calling the police to report antifa. Patriot Front on their own are a minimal threat since they loose every fight they start and usually just stand around taking propaganda pictures. 

The nazis had already lost, no matter what might happen they could never change the fact that their ideas were entirely rejected by the majority of people in CDA. But, Patriot Front could have significantly changed the dynamic of the event. The arrival of 31 nazis wearing colors would have at most been a compounding event. While the attention has been focused on Patriot Fron, for good reason, there were more dangerous nazis at North Idaho Pride who spent the entire time in the park, holding guns, and starring down pride attendees. A potential major problem that was avoided with Patriot Front being arrested was less that they would have run around doing sloppy shield formations and more that they would have likely caused regular pride attendees to become more vocal in their opposition to the nazis, which then could have inspired the other heavily armed nazis to come to defense, with the end result being significant fighting and probable shots fired.

Luckily that is all speculation and we never had to deal with that outcome. Instead, we all enjoyed ourselves watching Patriot Front get unmasked. As we watched PF being unmasked, we chatted with some well known locals including those known for making a fuss and stirring up fear about Antifa coming to town.  It was a surreal moment, one that has now been lost in the chatter online, where us as masked-up anti-fascists were friendly chatting and laughing at these nazi losers along side people who normally spend time posting false panic about Antifa being terrorists and how Idaho needs to be defended from these leftists. But, in that moment, as we explained that we were people who are from the region and have a deep understanding about neo-nazis, and how we came to help document and defend North Idaho Pride from nazi attack, there was just a moment when we were all on the same side saying fuck you nazis. That moment has passed, and none of those people will admit to being friendly with Antifa just as there will be those on the left who will critique us for being friendly with this reactionary conservative crowd. But, for just those few minutes, we were all on the same side again. It harkened back to those community protests against Aryan Nations when democrats and republicans, leftists and libertarians would come together to make it clear that Nazis were not welcome in Core d’Alene. 

Lessons Learned:

Connections with the community are key. Listen to event organizers. We at no point wanted this to be anything but what it was, which was a pride party. We were there to support pride and to protect pride attendees. We have experience and skills in emergency medical aid, de-escalation and conflict negotiation, as well as a knowledge of the various fascist groups and a fairly good idea as to how each group would act. We did not just jump into this without preparation and would not advise others to take such risks without experience and local knowledge. 

Be peaceful and friendly. This was not about fighting nazis. Could we have held our own in the event of a fight, sure. But that would have turned the event away from a gay pride party and to a nazi fighting party, we did not want that. Instead, we introduced ourselves to as many people as we safely could, participated in the activities, and made some friends. As a side note, black bloc is just a tactic, black is only a color used because most people have black clothing. The point isn’t to be dressed in black, it is to blend into a crowd so as to be less recognizable. Bloc can be done in any way, including normie bloc. Dress like everyone else. But if you wear a mask, be careful when you take it off. And, have a separate change of clothes, including changing shoes. 

Decentralized action. While several leftists (maybe 20 but honestly we have no real idea and that’s the point) did travel to CDA or at least come out in support, we did not ever learn who those people were. Again, people took it upon themselves to do what they believed to be correct in the manner they were able. Due to the decentralized nature of left wing activism, we did not have a full idea of who would show in CDA or what they would do. We met with some, but did not meet with all. This is less of a strategy than a necessity due to finite resources and the long history of state repression against left-wing activists. (For all the far rights complaining that the government is out to get them, they have had it incredibly easy). However, while it also means is that if anything were to happen, such as large scale fighting or events of that nature, it would be harder to pursue criminal conspiracy charges, it also makes it harder to support comrades in times of need. Decentralized activism is a form of security and protection, but it has its drawbacks. Have plans, connect with locals as much as possible, and always be prepared for nothing to go as planned. Have a meet up location for if shit hits the fan. Park where you can get out fast. Cover you plates if need be. Remember, you’re not hiding from the state in this sort of situation, you are hiding from nazis who do not have the recourses of the state. And, the goal first and foremost is safety.

Remember cameras and that lots of people are watching. For these family friendly events with lots of general public, one cannot just tell people to stop filming so be prepared to be on film. Spread out, don’t be afraid to be alone. Try and always be moving. Cover as much ground as possible, and film and photograph everything. You will only get one chance to take that picture. Focus pictures on those in the background. The major activity will be covered by others, look for those who are trying not to be seen. 

Establishing connections as early as possible with the local community is vital. Also, the goal of traveling from elsewhere always has to be one of support. Activists cannot be seen as taking over an event. Beyond that, be ready for any possibility or outcome. And, be ready for nothing to happen. Don’t try and start anything if nothing is happening; nothing happening is a major win. Be prepared to connect with people. Other folks will come up and ask questions, often us activists have answers no one else does. We spent the entire time watching PF get arrested both heckling the nazis as well as explaining to the crowd that was gathered who Patriot Front is and why it was a problem they had traveled to Idaho. Remember, do not be dismissive of peoples questions. The majority of people gathered around the PF arrests believed they were feds or antifa. We explained the best we could that they were neo-nazis based in Texas. A successful strategy was to have people use their phones to look up Patriot Front, so they just weren’t taking our word for it. Eventually, as more and more people gathered to watch the arrests, word sort of spread that we were the ones to talk to for info.

Be nice, make connections, earn trust, have fun, and always confront and challenge nazis–remember that such confrontations and challenges take very different forms depending on local and time and environment. Know the area, play to your strengths and don’t let the bastards get ya down.                                                 



Josh Ott, Butte Montana Nazi and WLM Participant

Joshua Michael Ott, Butte Montana Nazi

This article will introduce Butte Montana Nazi Joshua Michael Ott, born August 1991.

Most people in Montana might remember Josh Ott from the newspaper articles in 2020 when Josh shot a dude with a crossbow.

Butte Man Says He Shot Man With Crossbow in Self-defense

Josh shot this guy with a crossbow and claimed self-defense because the guy came to his house with an axe to collect. OK, self-defense. Fair enough, but why continue to brag about being the guy who shot someone with a crossbow. He ultimately was convicted and served time for tampering with evidence because he tossed the crossbow in the trash and initially tried to hide. He’s currently in pre-release in Butte MT. And, since he got out of prison and into pre-release, he decided it would be a smart thing to go do some nazi stuff about town. We identified Josh Ott putting up neo-nazi white lives matter stickers around Butte MT. Josh was already on our radar, we recognized him immediately. Josh Ott was putting sticker up around Butte with fellow nazi we previously identified as Andrew Salacinski

Andrew Salacinski: Butte MT Nazi

So let us meet Joshua Ott, Butte MT Nazi and Violent Offender.

This is Joshy’s telegram. Ain’t he a darling who clearly has regret for shooting someone with a crossbow.

Josh Ott Telegram

Josh Ott Telegram

Josh is not subtle about the fact he shot a guy, nor is he subtle about being a nazi. The handle crossbow1488. Yikes. For those that don’t know, 14 refers to the 14 words of David Lane. 88 stands for HH, which stands for hail hitler. It does not get much more nazi than someone who self declares 1488. See the ADL website for more info on 1488:


Josh Ott

Josh Ott Criminal Charges

Josh Ott

Josh Ott Offender Info

Identifying Josh Ott as One of the Neo Nazi Fools Putting Up Stickers in Butte MT

We first came across Josh Ott a while back when we recognized him on his new Facebook alt account after he got out of prison. On Facebook he now goes by Victor Kingly. The photos he posted of himself at the Knights of Columbus gym in Butte MT are clearly and easily recognizable as Josh Ott.

Josh Ott

Josh Ott Facebook

So, when we saw the posts of the neo-nazi white lives matter stickers going up in Butte MT, we immediately recognized him as Josh Ott. Note the tattoo on the right hand, which matches those in the Facebook photos, which match those in the Department of Corrections offender info site.

Josh Ott

Josh Ott putting up White nationalist, neo-nazi stickers in Butte MT

Josh Ott is a neo-nazi living in Butte MT. His violent history makes him worthy of being known. It is unclear if he has attended any rallies or acted publicly beyond putting up stickers.




Andrew Salacinski: Butte MT Nazi


Since we first exposed Andrew Salacinski as the person putting up the majority of the White Lives Matter nazi propaganda in and around Butte MT, there have been a number of developments.

First: Andrew has moved beyond simply putting up the White Lives Matter (WLM) stickers to become a due paying member of the National Socialist Movement or NSM for short. The NSM are the sort of Swastika arm band wearing, almost cartoonish style of nazis While they look like a bad movie depiction of neo-nazis, they are violent and extremely racist and anti Semitic and hateful. While the WLM neo-nazi movement seeks to hide their hate and nazism behind the label of just carrying about white lives, the NSM does not try to hide what it is: they are an explicit neo nazi organization. Make no mistake, however, White Lives Matter and the National Socialist Movement are both equally neo-nazi movements even though WLM does a better job of hiding their hate. As Andrew Salacinski demonstrates, there is overlapping membership with both groups.

For more information on the NSM see this article from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Second update: Andrew Salacinski escalated his hate propaganda. After annoying the town of Butte MT for months with his dumb WLM stickers, Andrew moved to directly place flyers at peoples homes. Around 11pm on Sunday May 22 Andrew Salacinski maliciously harassed around 200 residents of Butte Montana by going to their homes and placing nazi hate flyers.

NSM nazi flyer

NSM nazi flyer Andrew Salacinski placed at peoples’ homes in Butte MT

We knew it was Andrew Salacinski who put these flyers at peoples homes because he said it was him.

Andrew Salacinski admitting to putting up the nazi flyers around Butte MT

Andrew Salacinski admitting to putting up the nazi flyers around Butte MT

Andrew Salacinski talking about how he put out nazi flyers in order to get media coverage

Andrew Salacinski talking about how he put out nazi flyers in order to get media coverage

As can be easily seen in these screen shots of their nazi chats, Andrew and other nazis put these hate speech flyers out with the purpose of gaining media attention. A tried and true tactic of neo-nazis is to provoke enough outrage that then their hate is amplified by the media. Being terrible in order to get news coverage is a classic NSM move: That’s a huge part of why they are so over the top with their cartoon nazi outfits. It’s a tricky balance to hold, reporting on these nazi events but doing so in a way that does not give them the press that they so desperately want. While Andrew eventually did get some small stories in the local Butte MT press, he also ended up getting evicted.

And that brings us to update three: Andrew Salavinski is looking for a place to rent. After placing the flyers around town, the police raided Andrews room. Andrew is still on parole for meth related crimes. Although he had moved out of the prerelease center in downtown Butte MT in to a house at 1545 A St. Butte MT that house seems to be still connected into the prerelease program. Turns out, they don’t really appreciate their tenants committing malicious harassment and attracting police attention.

Andrew Salacinski talking about how he is getting evicted for being a nazi

Andrew Salacinski talking about how he is getting evicted for being a nazi

Andrew Salacinski posting 7 min plus video of cops searching his room after he distributed nazi flyers around Butte MT

Andrew Salacinski posting 7 min plus video of cops searching his room after he distributed nazi flyers around Butte MT

So, Andrew got evicted. And, Andrew filmed the entire police encounter and posted it online. The end result of all of this is only to prove beyond a doubt that we were correct with our original identification of Andrew Salacinski as the nazi who was waving banners with WLM and placing nazi stickers around Butte MT (see original article below).

White Lives Matter in Montana

There has been a noticeable increase in white supremacy and white nationalist propaganda showing up around the state of Montana over the last several months. The vast majority of this hate propaganda is being put up around the state in the forms of stickers and flyers by members of the Neo-nazi hate group White Lives Matter (WLM). Concerningly, this small but dedicated group of nazis and racists have begun to show their hateful faces in public, such as their February 12, 2022 event where they held a small rally at the state Capital in Helena MT. White Lives Matter is explicitly a white supremacy and white nationalist hate group. While they members go to great lengths to appear “normal”, such as not waving swastika flags or officially calling for violence. This is their attempt to appeal to Republicans with the intention of recruiting regular conservatives and then radicalizing them into white supremacy and general Neo-nazism. They do not want to scare off potential recruits with overt displays of nazism and hate. Make no mistake, however, WLM and nazis are one of the same; they have simply realized it is more socially acceptable to say they care about white people than to say they hate Jews and people of color. See this Southern Poverty Law article for more background information on WLM:
In January 2022 we introduced the WLM leader in Montana, Sebastian Campbell of Kalispell MT, see this article:
Now, this following article will introduce the lead Butte MT organizer for WLM, Andrew Salacinski.

Meet Andrew Salacinski, Butte Montana Nazi

Andrew came onto our radar when he joined the White Lives Matter chat in December and declared himself the founder of a Neo nazi group Christian Nationalist Corps located in Montana.

Andrew Salacinski

Andrew Salacinski of Butte MT

Christian Nationalist Corps

Andrew Salacinski and his Christian Nationalist Corps

Andrew Salacinski advertising his Christian Nationalist Corps Telegram chat to the WLM MT group

Now, Andrew Salacinski advertising his Telegram chat to the WLM MT group certainly got our attention. Although God, Race, County sounds like the worst country album ever, it was in fact a neo nazi Telegram chat full of vile racism and hate (it has now been deleted). However, we had already identified him and every single member of his Christian Nationalist Corps prior to him sharing his chat room link. All of those guys in that photo above have been identified and are known to us. The thing is, we did not need to necessarily know the nazis chat room to find out who they are. Once a nazi come across our radar as living in the so-called Redoubt region, we will find out who they are. For Andrew Salacinski and his CNC crew, it took about a day and a half to identify all of them. What Andrew’s CNC chat provided was all the racism and hate we would all expect from nazis, but also the same racism and hate that White Lives Matter attempts to keep out of their public chats. One thing about Andrew Salacinski: he is a very new nazi but is jumping into nazi world at a 110%. He often has no idea what he’s talking about, he knows very little about the third riech, and even less about white nationalism, and even less than all of that about Christian Identity or nationalism, which is embarrassing for him cause that’s like his whole groups thing in the first place. All Andrew knows is that he was already a little bit racist, started doing meth, and then at some point in prison or rehab he got radicalized and found out it was way easier if you don’t take responsibility for your actions or life situation and instead just blame the Jews for all your problems.

Andrew Salacinski, White Lives Matter Nazi

Although Andrew Salacinski might have founded his strange little Christian Nationalist nazi group (something we will discuss in latter articles, as we said we know all the members), for now we are going to focus on Andrew’s involvement with White Lives Matter (WLM). In terms of stickers, WLM is the most active white supremacy group in MT. So, naturally a new recruit like Andrew Salacinski would be immediately attracted to such a group. As a brand new nazi, Andrew (like the Kalispell MT and state leader Sebastian Campbell) believes that stickers will help save white people from imagined threats.

Andrew Salacinski (@BIGSKIY88) joining WLM MT and talking about putting up stickers

Andrew Salacinski was very excited to join WLM and started right away to put up stickers and flyers around Butte MT. Andrew puts up a lot of stickers around Butte. And they all get taken down very quickly because Butte is not a pro-nazi town.

WLM white supremacy/neo-nazi stickers and flyers put up in Butte by Andrew Salacinski

Since joining WLM, Andrew has been putting up stickers and flyers in Butte and we have been taking them down. Often, as is the case elsewhere in MT where these hateful nazi stickers go up, we take them down before the propaganda videos are even posted on Telegram. This is what Andrew Salacinski doesn’t understand: he’s doing all this work just to feed Sebastian Campbell’s (Cleetus) ego. Andrew puts the stickers up, Sebastian posts them and takes all the credit. These stickers don’t help anyone locally join their nazi group, but they do help Sebastian brag about his “activism” to his nazi friends on the internet.

Andrew Salacinski, Helena MT White Supremacy Rally

Andrew Salacinski joined WLM in January of 2022. And then on February 12, 2022 he joined other WLM nazis for a rally to proclaim their white supremacy at the Capital in Helena MT. Andrew was there with the rest of the nazis on the Capital steeps yelling to the word that he is a hateful, racist, fascist supporting neo-nazi. It is highly doubtful any of the nazis had the wherewithal to even know they were rallying for white supremacy and keeping Montana white while standing under the flags of indigenous peoples.

Andrew Salacinski with Sebastian Campbell and other WLM nazis in Helena MT at the Capital steps

Andrew Salacinski showing off the nazi propaganda he ordered as well as the white nationalist sign he made for the nazi rally in Helena MT

Andrew Salacinski was very excited to participate in his first nazi rally. He made him self a sign to show the world that he is a racist white nationalist, and he bragged about the nazi propaganda he had ordered.

Andrew Salacinski with Sebastian Campbell at the Feb 12, 2022 nazi rally in Helena MT

Andrew Salacinski holding up his racist white nationalist sign during a neo nazi rally in Helena MT on Feb 12, 2022

Andrew Salacinski Telegram account

Andrew got a new phone and lost access to his @BIGSKY88 nazi account. His new Telagram is @CovenantSoldier and is easily identifiable to Andrew Salacinski because of the picture of himself at the February 12, 2022 nazi rally in Helena MT he uses for the profile pic.

Andrew Salacinski publicly connecting his two accounts @BIGSKY88 and @CovantSoldier

Andrew Salacinski isn’t great with opsec

So, Andrew Salacinski is a Montana neo-nazi who is active in putting up white supremacy and white nationalist hate propaganda around Butte MT as well as has attended a real life nazi rally.

But how do we know this nazi is Andrew Salacinski?

Identifying Andrew Salacinski, Butte MT Nazi

So, when the Telegram account @BigSky88 emerged and announced itself as the leader and founder of a new nazi hate group in Montana, we set out to identify the account. We thought it would be more difficult. It was so simple that we thought we must have done something wrong, but in the process of verifying the account belonged to Andrew Salacinski we ended up identifying dozens of other nazis.

Andrew Salacinski Christian Nationalist Corps (Andrew is on far right)

We saw the profile picture and knew immediately the group was in Butte MT. That scenery is unmistakable. So we knew we were looking for a nazi residing in Butte with a group of fellow nazis. His other profile pictures revealed info too, such as this following one that shows them in some sort of school or correctional facility.

Andrew Salacinski

Andrew Salacinski and his nazi group Christian Nationalist Corps

One common characteristic of people who are in and out of the criminal justice system is they tend to have multiple social media accounts because log in info and such might be forgotten while locked up, thus create a new account when get out. While the above photo could be a school as much as a pre release or half way house, we started with the criminal justice side rather than education (just a hutch). It took about half an hour of looking on Facebook before we found an account of a guy who was recently out of prison and staying in halfway house in Butte MT. Oh, and he also posted White Lives Matter. His name was Andrew Sal

Andrew Salacinski posting White Lives Matter on Facebook

Andrew Salacinski posting fashy garbage

Andrew Sal also posted some fashy garage pictures that just so happened to match some of his other Telegram profile pictures.

Collection of profile pics from the Christian Nationalist Corps @BIGSKY88 account on Telegram

From there it was fairly simple to match him to his numerous other Facebook accounts, because he friends himself and because of interactions with family.

Andrew Salacinski old Facebook

Andrew Salacinski responding to family member, thus confirming last name

This was just one of the avenues we were able to confirm his identity. Even though by the time he shared the Christian Nationalist Corps Telegram chat we had already ID him, in that chat he provided all the info we would need to totally confirm his ID.

Andrew Salacinski telling nazi Jami McBride his name is “Sal”

Like there is this time when National Socialist Movement nazi Jami McBride (of Spokane WA) asked what his name was and he said “Sal”, which is pretty darn close to Salacinski or Andrew Sal as he calls him self on Facebook.

Andrew Salacinski’s active criminal record

We pulled up Andrew Salacinski’s active criminal record, and we got a perfect match with name, face, and location. Note the “t” cross tattoo on left hand fingers. That tattoo is what demonstrates without a doubt Andrew Salacinski is responsible for the multitude of WLM white nationalist, neo-nazi hate stickers and flyers put up around Butte MT in the last two months. There is no need to repost a bunch of these nazis propaganda just to prove a point we all already know to be true, but in the image below you can see the “t” cross tattoo as well as his new chain of thorns wrist tattoo.

Andrew Salacinski showing off his tattoos

Andrew Salacinski’s Facebook images, showing confederate face mask

Looking at Andrew Salacinski’s Facebook we can see the same confederate flag face mask. That mask plus the tattoos makes it clear beyond any doubt Andrew Salacinski is the nazi holding the “keep Montana white” sign at the February nazi rally. Those tattoos are also how we know the individual on the far right of the Christian Nationalist Corps picture posted at the top of article. Bellow you can see that chain of thorns tattoo on his wrist as he does the nazi sieg hail salute.

Andrew Salacinski identitfied due to wrist tattoo

Andrew Salacinski at the Helena MT nazi rally on Feb. 12, 2022

It’s blurry, but in picture above you can see the chain of thorns wrist tattoo. That, as well as the confederate flag style face mask makes it more than clear this nazi is Andrew Salacinski.

Andrew Salacinski, Nazi Active Spreading Hate in Rehab, Work, and Private Live

As we mentioned before, we knew Andrew Salacinski was living in some sort of halfway house, sober living facility. Then he confirmed it when talking with National Socialist Movement nazi Jami McBride. The rest of his Cristian Nationalist nazi buddies are also caught up in the Montana criminal justice system. And we aren’t talking drugs; we are talking violent crimes. Andrew Salacinski is one of the least problematic of his meth head nazi friends because he was just involved in drugs and petty crime and, unlike some, didn’t try to kill anyone. But, again, we will release all of those nazi info as soon as they make the dumb mistake of becoming publicly active like Andrew Salacinski has done.

Andrew Salacinski confirming what we already knew: that he lived in a halfway house.

Based on the pictures he provided, and the criminal records we searched, we already knew Andrew Salacinski was living in a halfway house. But it was nice of him to confirm it.

Halfway house that Andrew Salacinski lives in currently

Andrew Salacinski’s current residence

Now, we at Anfita Inc. have deep, deep criticisms of the criminal justice system and believe in a large part that prisons should be abolished. Clearly, the prison system has failed Andrew Salacinski: he stopped doing meth (sort of), and started being a nazi instead. The criminal justice system acted as a place for Andrew Salacinski to become exposed to organized hate and white supremacy, and then to radicalize into a full blown active in real live nazi. He is so backwards confused, Andrew thinks white nationalism will keep him sober and on the straight and narrow path. He does not know how wrong he is, nazi world is packed full of meth and booze. We genuinely hope that Andrew maintains sobriety, we just know that is not a realistic outcome seeing the path he has chosen to take. With Andrew Salacinski talking with National Socialist Movement nazis like Jami and Eddie McBride, his chances at maintaining sobriety and becoming a healthy, productive member of society are slim to zero.

A warning about NSM from an actual nazi

But Andrew, if and when you read this article, don’t take this warning about NSM nazis only from us. Here is a real, legit nazi saying the exact same thing: hanging out with NSM will ruin your life.

Unfortunately, Andrew Salacinski is very excited about being a nazi and really wants to join the National Socialist Movement so he can, we suppose, hang out with a bunch of burn outs

Andrew Salacinski making plans with NSM nazis

Andrew is not only trying to recruit within the halfway house, sober living facility. He’s also trying to recruit his old friends. However, he’s had a lot less success spreading hate to his friends. And now, remember, Andrew Salacinski is from Clyde Park Montana. Clyde Park MT is one of the most good ol’ boy towns in America. Confederate flags mean freedom with out question there, nearly everyone drives a chud truck, and yet they still don’t like nazis.

Andrew Salacinski failing to spread nazi hate to his friends

Andrew shared this screen shot of his conversation with his old friend. Andrew shared this thinking he was really cool, that he sure as heck owned his old buddy.

And, Andrew Salacinski also tries to spread his hate at work. Spreading hate at his work is honestly probably not that hard. He works with a bunch of other white nationalists and racists. His job is at the Sun Mountain Lumber in Dear Lodge Montana. We are very familiar with Sun Mountain Lumber. As a place that regularly employees paroles and those in pre-reselse, it is a place that also regularly employees nazis. We are huge supporters of those businesses willing to provide employment for people with felonies (we support the so called ‘ban the box’ legislation that would prohibit employers from asking about nonviolent criminal history). But we do not support people employing nazis.

Andrew Salacinski providing confirmation of his employment at Sun Mountain Lumber (it’s on his shirt) and location (Dear Lodge MT, where Sun Mountain Lumber is located)

Andrew Salacinski confirming he works in a saw mill

Contact info for Sun Mountain Lumber

The owner of Sun Mountain Lumber is former Montana State Senate member Sherm Anderson. While Sherm has donated too far right conservatives and supports further expanding the logging of public lands, that does not at all make him a nazi. Feel free to politely contact Sherm Anderson and Sun Mountain Lumber using the contact info above and inform him about the nazis he’s employing.

Conclusion: Andrew Salacinski is a active Montana Neo-Nazi. He is planning events with the National Socialist Movement, he has also participated in nazi rallies at the state Capital as well as frequently puts up white nationalist and white supremacist propaganda for the hate group White Lives Matter around the town of Butte MT.

Andrew Salacinski is from Clyde Park Montana and Born January 01, 1996

Andrew Salacinski currently lives in Butte Montana at a halfway house/pre-release center located at 62 W. Broadway St. Andrew is due to leave that halfway house soon, likely by the end of April 2022

Andrew Salacinski is employed by Sherm Anderson at Sun Mountain Lumber, located at 181 Greenhouse Rd. Dear Lodge MT

One other thing, which will become more clear with more evidence in latter articles, Andrew Salacinski and his nazi friends like to work out at the local Knights of Columbus gym on 224 W. Park St. in Butte MT. Andrew and others have placed their white nationalist flyers around this gym and we assume have attempted to recruit there as well.

Andrew Salacinski putting up nazi propaganda in Butte MT

Finally, we just want to add that state WLM MT leader Sebastian Campbell (aka Cleetus) keeps making the propaganda videos increasingly blurry in order to prevent the members of his nazi group from being identified. We would like to make it clear that doing so has no influence on our ability to identify nazis. We knew this was Andrew Salacinski putting up this hate flyer, just as we took down this hate flyer before Sebastian Campbell had a chance to make a propaganda video. We will find you. If you do not want to be publicly identified as a nazi, then do not be a nazi. It is that simple. You are not anonymous and you will be known forever as a racist, hateful bigoted and really sad and pathetic failed neo-nazi.

Neo-Nazi and Unofficial BLM Event Organizer: Alicia Peterson


This work is meant to be an examination of neo-Nazism and fascism entering and co-opting an organic and unofficial Black Lives Matter activism space that popped up during a globally chaotic time shortly after the murder of George Floyd. This is not meant to be a condemnation of Black Lives Matter or BLM Boise. The folks discussed in this article did their damage and departed. No one discussed in this article is currently connected to BLM or BLM Boise in any meaningful way.

Alicia Peterson – A History of Hate

Alicia Peterson and Pam Hemphill, Patriot Prayer event, Downtown Boise, March 7th, 2020

In the early days of the George Floyd Uprising, communities were scrambling to figure out what it all meant and what their position –in relation to the national unrest– was going to be. Opportunists abound.

Alicia Peterson was one such opportunist. Before George Floyd was murdered, and the country began to move, Peterson was a staunch anti-antifascist (fascist, in short). She was moving with Proud Boys, including Kyle “Based Stickman” Chapman and Tusitala “Tiny” Toese, through street fights organized in California.

She also organized with the Golden State Skins and the Traditionalist Worker Party – neo-Nazi organizations, according to a report from Northern California Anti-Racist Action.

Peterson worked as a front-person to give a “free speech” veneer and air of legitimacy to neo-Nazis and fascist street fighters. See Antifa Sacramento’s article on It’s Going Down for a good description of the role that Peterson played in covering for and normalizing a group, the Golden State Skins, that stabbed 6 antifascists at one event and then joined Peterson for later events that followed it up:

It is in this context that we must examine the actions of both Alicia Clayton [Peterson] and the GSS members participating in the organizing of the 3/25 [/2017] rally. As a ‘deplorable’, Clayton walks the blurry line between the alt-right and mainstream conservatism. Thus, while she may publicly support and celebrate violent fascists like Chapman, her rally is centered around parroting watered-down, non-objectionable patriotic dogma about military veterans and police to appeal to mainstream conservatives. The same goes for GSS members who participate in these rallies posing as average nationalists with less overt Neo-Nazi politics. This cover of supposed innocence is used to manipulate the public narrative, painting Anti-Fascist opposition to Neo-Nazis and their genocidal and anti-egalitarian social goals as being authoritarian and ‘anti-free speech.’

Northern California Anti-Racist Action tracked Peterson interacting with Joseph Simons, a neo-Nazi from the Golden State Skins, about her event. Another interaction they noticed was Nathan Lowry sharing Peterson’s event to a Proud Boys California Facebook group where Peterson positively interacted with the posts.

Alicia Peterson interacted positively with Nathan Lowry on the Proud Boys-California Facebook page regarding her events in 2016 and 2017.

While in Idaho, Peterson continued her connections with the far right. March 7th, 2020, she was attending events with Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson and People’s Rights videographer, Pam Hemphill.

Alicia Peterson sharing photos from a Patriot Prayer / 3%er event at the Idaho Capitol building

Several weeks before the start of the George Floyd Uprising, early May, 2020, Peterson was still sharing Proud Boys content. Eddie Block is (perhaps was) a Proud Boy member and prolific accidental informant (his footage has been used to implicate a LOT of folks, including Pam Hemphill later in this article) whose content has done an incredible amount of damage to the organization, likely more-so than any other individual ever has, fascist or antifascist.

Alicia Peterson sharing video content from prolific snitch, Eddie Block in early May, 2020.

The People’s Rights Pivot

Something happened at the start of the George Floyd Uprising. Since the start of lockdowns, Peterson had always been a Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer anti-antifascist who was against masks and mandates. When the uprising began, though, she started to obscure and distance from the more overt and oppositional-to-BLM-and-Antifa fascism of the Proud Boys, dropping her public associations with them and neo-Nazism entirely. Again, she was pursuing an air of legitimacy. She embraced the more crypto-fascist elements of the 3%ers and Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights, who she had heavily ingrained herself with. These groups maintained her anti-lockdown positions and gave her cover for her neo-Nazi and more-openly fascist associations.

Peterson’s initial reaction to the George Floyd Uprising:

Alicia Peterson’s first Facebook post regarding the George Floyd Uprising was warning folks “DO NOT JOIN ANY PROTESTS/RIOTS IN REGARDS TO FLOYD MURDER”

The Pam Hemphill Plot Thickens

The thing is, she didn’t stop organizing. Instead, Alicia Peterson and Pam Hemphill streamed these unofficial BLM events to their right-wing extremist, fascist, and neo-Nazi audiences. They would show up with bikers, racists, and anyone else willing to try and start a fight under the banner “Patriots” that they provided. On June 1st, 2020, Pam Hemphill instigated an event that led to an accidental discharge by a right-wing extremist who answered her call for “real men.”

Here, Pam Hemphill can be heard explaining instigating at the Liberty Bell:

In this clip from that night, Pam Hemphill can be heard calling out targets for her viewers and the people watching:

After nearly a week of instigating, creating conflict, streaming reactions, and calling out targets to right-wing extremists online, Alicia Peterson and Pam Hemphill did something truly shocking and disgusting. Of all the places where it was probably attempted, we’re ashamed to report that the so-called Redoubt, Boise-specifically, is where the George Floyd Uprising and Black Lives Matter movement appears to have been infiltrated first. Peterson, representing People’s Rights, coming from a history of fascism and neo-Nazi organizing, found a working partner in the unofficial chapter of BLM in Boise’s new leadership.

The day before her first event working with the unofficial chapter of BLM in Boise, Peterson shared this memory of when she worked with neo-Nazis and assaulted protesters.

Alicia Peterson flashing back on Facebook to an event she organized with neo-Nazis in Berkeley. She re-posted this the day before the event she organized with the unofficial chapter of BLM in Boise.

The “BLM & Trump Supporters join on the Capital(sp) to pray for unity!” Event

Screenshot from Pam Hemphill’s now deleted YouTube video from June 5th, 2020. Titled, “BLM & Trump Supporters join on the Capital (sp) to pray for unity!”

“BLM & Trump Supporters join on the Capital (sp) to pray for unity!” organizer event photo posted to Facebook by Alicia Peterson. Pam Hemphill is third from the left (to the right of green shirt) and Alicia Peterson is on the far right.

The next day, though, Alicia Peterson and Pam Hemphill hosted a “BLM & Trump” event presented through their far-right media channels. This one was streamed by both Peterson (neo-Nazi organizer / People’s Rights Member) and Hemphill (insurrectionist / People’s Rights founding-member).

The same day that Peterson and People’s Rights staged that event with the unofficial chapter of BLM, she shared an anti-Antifa and anti-BLM conspiracy on Facebook.

Unofficial BLM organizer taking a knee with a “patriot” that came armed to make sure that no one damaged property at one of the evening George Floyd protests and marches. Posted by Alicia Peterson, neo-Nazi organizer, on Facebook.

They held several events together in early June while Peterson and Pam Hemphill continued to stream and push far-right extremist views, conspiracies, and content.

We believe that it was this working relationship between Peterson and the unofficial chapter of BLM in Boise that gave Ammon Bundy the confidence needed to declare that he was willing to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. It seems that it wasn’t any particular cause that he believed in or advocated: it was just a popular, anti-authority, movement that folks within his group had successfully co-opted in Boise.

Ammon Bundy Officially Announces Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

On July, 19th, 2020, Ammon Bundy announced that he would attend one of these People’s Rights / (unofficial) Black Lives Matter events in Boise.

“The police forces, they’re the ones that are actually going to seek and destroy us and there are many people in the Black Lives Matter organization, along with patriots and, you know, Libertarians and Republicans and Democrats that understand that.” – Ammon Bundy, July 19th, 2020

Ammon Bundy Officially Disavows Black Lives Matter

“As you most likely know Black Lives Matter is a wicked, Marxist, communist organization that deceives its members and destroys Black people’s lives.” – Ammon Bundy, August 6th, 2020

The event was scheduled for July 21st, 2020. Bundy cancelled his appearance (it’s said he was disinvited), but the event went on. Right-wing extremists came to fight BLM supporters. Alicia Peterson and Pam Hemphill, right-wing People’s Rights members, stood with the right-wing extremists, including the Idaho Liberty Dogs, while they provoked and looked for fights with BLM supporters. Many of the same faces can be seen in footage from when neo-Nazis targeted other unofficial BLM events in August.

In this clip, Alicia Peterson can be heard talking to Pam Hemphill about Cin Alfonso, from Idaho Liberty Dogs, instigating with smoke bombs. Pam is absolutely giddy at the idea of things escalating against BLM activists here:

Bundy changed his tune and joined his flock on the extreme-right shortly after, entirely abandoning the infiltration and disavowing the Black Lives Matter movement entirely; he went so far as to pretend this whole thing never happened. Instead, Bundy and Peterson pivoted to anti-lockdown organizing while Pam Hemphill and the Idaho Liberty Dogs continued to harass and instigate unofficial BLM events and support anti-lockdown events.

Peterson continued her work legitimizing violence from the far right: she was spotted at “Stop the Steal” organizing in Sacramento after all of this. Hemphill spent her time similarly, joining the insurrection in DC and being recorded multiple times saying that she was sent by, and representing, Ammon Bundy and People’s Rights.

Pam Hemphill claiming People’s Rights and Ammon Bundy during the insurrection in Washington, DC, January 6th, 2021

Where are They Now?

Peterson, while not getting attention like she used to, continues to try and organize events in Idaho, near Boise. In December 2021, she tried to organize a protest against a vaccine clinic at Nampa High School grounds. This event failed to garner any positive attention.

Hemphill’s been sick. From what we understand, the cancer is back. She’s continued to follow protesters around Boise, often moving with the Idaho Liberty Dogs.

Bundy is running for Governor of the State of Idaho. His group, People’s Rights, continues to protest vaccines and support far-right politics.

Final Thoughts

Boise’s unofficial BLM chapter’s leadership entirely turned over a short time later. It’s believed that the initial intent of these folks was to take control of the movement and force it to run its course, ending the organic people’s momentum of support for George Floyd without addressing police brutality against Black communities or the problems of policing in America.

THIS WAS NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZING. This was an attempt to kill the movement in Boise through partnership with fascists, apparently under the idea that antifascists were the biggest threat in the moment, even bigger than the police and fascism. The movement didn’t end, though; it transformed and endures. It is not our intent to tarnish the movement or the struggle.

We are advocates of the cause and seek to continue the work started. This is a cautionary tale of something terrible that happened but it is not the end of the pursuit for justice or the fight against racism and fascism. The work continues.

As our friends in the mutual aid community say: ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

Sebastian Campbell Montana White Lives Matter Nazi

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi and White Lives Matter Admin and Organizer

Sebastian Campbell is a neo-nazi organizer and self-promoted leader of the white nationalist hate group White Lives Matter in Montana. Sebastian has multiple alt accounts he uses online, most commonly as CleetusMT or variations of the Cleetus name. He also occasionally uses the name ChuckMT. He moved to Kalispell Montana from Kentucky in the fall of 2020. His wife left him and took the kids back to Kentucky in September 2021 following his arrest for Domestic Violence. Since then, this loser has had nothing but time to dedicate towards recruiting and propogandizing on behalf of the white nationalist, white supremacist, neo-nazi movement. Before he jumped onto the White Lives Matter bandwagon, Sebastian Campbell was active online attempting to recruit white nationalists to move to Montana and join him. We have been monitoring him, both online and off-line, since he first showed on our radar in the summer of 2021. Along with being the leader of the White Lives Matter nazis in Montana, Sebastian Campbell also runs a Telegram channel called the Outlaw Nationalist Watering Hole from which he spreads his pro moving to Montana white supremacy garbage. Most recently, Sebastian organized a white supremacy propaganda banner wave in Helena Montana where he brandished a hammer at a community member who objected to his nazi ideology.

Meet Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi

This article will introduce Sebastian Campbell, better known online as Cleetus or CleetusMT.

Sebastian Campbell was born June 14, 1994 in Kentucky and grew up in the Lexington KY area. He moved to Kalispell MT in the fall of 2020.

He currently rents a town home at 621 11th St. W Kalispell MT 59901

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Cleetus Montana aka Sebastian Campbell

Sebastian Campbell came on to our radar when we found an account Cleetus Montana/MT blasting all around the messaging service most favored by extremists, Telegram, a call for nazis to move to Montana. He was bragging about bringing nazis together in NW Montana and posted pics of his campouts to his Telegram Chanel, which at that time was called Cleetus’s Watering Hole. The channel was mostly nazi memes and then there would be videos and pictures of Montana along side calls for white people to move to Montana. We immediately recognized the area in these pictures as Flathead Valley and reached out to community members there, informing them there was some nazi in the area trying to organize on Telegram.

“old world glory of Montana” lmfao. No one who is actually from Montana talks like that; it is incredibly condescending as if us from Montana are quaint museum displays

His “watering hole” was a place on the Flathead River him and a couple of other nazi kids would hang out, drink, and try but fail to catch fish.

Pic from early Cleetus Montana Telegram channel

They also did some car camping out in the foothills of Flathead Valley.

Pic of Cleetus campsite

Anti fascists in the area immediately recognized the spot along the Flathead River and photographed “Cleetus” aka Sebastian Campbell having a BBQ in the area not long after discovering the existence of the Telegram channel.

Sebastian Campbell meeting with fellow nazis

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis along Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell photographed driving to/from BBQ posted on Cleetus Telegram channel (note the pirate flag)

These pictures taken by local Montana anti fascists matched those the “Cleetus” account was posting to his channel. This was important because it confirmed the “Cleetus” account was actually in Montana and not just some weird internet larp. The way the “Cleetus” account would talk about Montana, it was obvious the individual was not raised in the state so confirming he was actually living in MT was a priority.

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell posting pic of nazi meeting near Flathead River

The “Cleetus” account has always been very active preventing any posting in his channel that would be raise red flags with general audiences, such as calls to violence or outward claims of neo-nazism. It doesn’t mean they are not dangerous nazis and white nationalists/supremacists. Rather, it was an intentional effort because nazis (like the mob) are always afraid of being entrapped by the feds and thus stay away from what is called “fed posting” or things that said publicly will raise the attention of federal authorities, i.e. calls to violence. Thus, they use coded language. Rather than burden anyone with having to read pages of white nationalist ramblings looking for the specific nazi dog-whistles and slang terms that are mostly only known to nazis and anti fascist researchers, instead we will post just a few pictures the “Cleetus” accounts shared on Telegram in order to prove that he is a nazi. Starting with the fact that he takes a swastika flag with him when camping.

Sebastian Campbell’s swastika and SS flags

In the days before he became the Montana admin of White Lives Matter, Sebastian Campbell liked to go camping (which he did like one or two times and then made a real big deal about it) with his nazi buddies and post edgy pics of their campsites all decked out with nazi swag like this swastika flag and SS bolts.

Sebastian Campbell with swastika flag in tool box

The swastika flag Sebastian Campbell brought camping is likely this same one he thought cute to keep in the box with his drills (he works in construction).

So, by August we had determined the “Cleetus” account is a nazi who lived in Montana. His active recruitment is what made him a target for us to ID and focus efforts on. We had his name and all his personal info by the end of August.

Identifying the nazi account Cleetus Montana as Sebastian Campbell

Identifying the “Cleetus” account as Sebastian Campbell was fairly easy once we had time to look (unlike Sebastian Campbell, we all have lives to live). The one thing we knew for sure about the Cleetus account other than it belonged to a Neo-nazi living in the Flathead Valley area was that he loved to post pictures of rusty cars down by the Flathead River. With a bit of digging, we found a Facebook account that also loved to post pictures of rusty cars down by the Flathead River.

Sebastian Campbell with rusty cars near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell with rusty cars near Flathead River

Just one of many examples. His fascination with the rusty cars was funny to us because anyone from Montana knows that nearly every river is lined with rusty cars from when they used to place old cars along the river banks as a form of flood and erosion control. Bragging about finding rusty cars by the river and thinking you discovered them, which is exactly how Sebastian Campbell acted, is like bragging about finding piles of cow shit and calling your self a rancher. It was not just the car pictures that matched, he posted many things on his Facebook that were exactly the same as posted by the “Cleetus” account to the Nationalist Watering Hole Telegram channel. Mainly, a bunch of nazi memes but also both the Telegram and the Facebook accounts shared the same videos of him driving around the Flathead Valley. So now we had a name, Sebastian Campbell. A couple minutes of searching and we confirmed this was a real name.

Sebastian Campbell business registration info

We already knew the “Cleetus” account worked in construction as an independent contractor. So we looked up his info. And there is was. Sebastian Campbell living at 621 11th St W Kalispell MT 59901 (the mailing address is the post office) and operating under the name Satzinger Construction LLC.

Sebastian Campbell’s voter registration

Although his voter registration info confirms the address from the business registration (along with confirming the birthday of 06/14/1994), we wanted to be extra sure this info was accurate. So, we did what anti fascists do: we went to his house. And, sure enough, the same truck that was spotted at the nazi gathering near the Flathead River was in his driveway.

Sebastian Campbell’s house with his truck parked out front

Along with posting pics of rusty cars, the “Cleetus” account loves to post pictures of how beautiful Montana is as a means to recruit fellow nazis and white nationalists to move to the Big Sky State. This early 2000s red Toyota Tacoma matches the vehicle seen in propaganda videos posted the “Cleetus” account (the placement, location of the oh-shit handle in a small truck is almost exclusive to early 2000s Toyota Tacomas).

Still from propaganda video posted by “Cleetus” account with interior of truck matching same vehicle as driven by Sebastian Campbell

So, by the end of August 2021 we had the name, family info, address, work info, vehicle, and DOB of the person behind the “Cleetus” account, which was an account that actively spread nazi propaganda and actively worked to recruit fellow nazis to move to Montana. We shared all this information with local Flathead Valley anti hate organizations and activists. We accomplished this all with on the ground work and simply observing his public channel. Something that Sebastian Campbell and his nazi buddies might have not been aware of, but the people of Kalispell and Flathead Valley in general are no strangers to fighting nazis and forcing fascists out of their community. So, we passed Sebastian’s info to trusted and experienced community activists who continued to monitor him and his buddies on the ground.

Then, we got word that the “Cleetus” account had been offered the state admin position for White Lives Matter after he placed their White Lives Matter nazi propaganda stickers around Kalispell (stickers which were immediately removed). The thing is, disorganized nazis in Montana are as common as Keno machines, drinking and driving, and ranchers falsely blaming brucellosis on buffalo rather than elk. We track and monitor an embarrassing amount of disorganized nazis. But, organized nazis are another story. So, we decided to do a little bit more digging into Sebastian Campbell. Around late September, early October we pulled out some old Telegram sock accounts that had been sitting around, hopped into the nazi chats and started asking around about “Cleetus.”

MT Nazi Sebastian Campbell, Embarrassing Info

Before we get into the info about Sebastian Campbell that is embarrassing from a nazi perspective, there is some small things that are frankly embarrassing from a Montana perspective. For one, he spent all summer hanging out at the Flathead River but does not know how to fly fish. Instead, he claims fly fishing in inferior, and that real fishing is with rod and reel but then also complains when he can’t catch anything even though the fish are jumping.

Secondly, he doesn’t know how to clean a cast iron. He used soap and soaked it, and when that didn’t work, he put it in the dishwasher (ignore the dumb edgy teen editing he does to his pictures)

Even other nazis who weren’t from Montana were laughing and telling him that’s not how ya do that.

Sebastian Campbell can’t fly fish, doesn’t hunt, and doesn’t even know how to clean the cast iron pan he seems to have bought new just for his edgy nazi camping trip. Frankly, we’re not sure if this or being a nazi is what makes him a bad ambassador for the state. But, he’s not only a bad Montanan, he’s a bad nazi too. Turns out, Cleetus, aka Sebastian Campbell, is relatively new to the national socialist community. For someone who is dead set on building a whites only community in Montana, and actively recruiting nazis to move to Montana, he knows very little about nazi ideology or history. He only learned about national socialism and white nationalism during the Trump presidency, and only learned about it through online social media posts. Before getting turned onto white nationalism via Instagram and Facebook, latter Telegram, he didn’t even think nazis were real. But, then he read a PDF of the Turner Diaries, became full nazi, and moved to Montana following the NW Imperative dream of building a white ethnostate in the PNW.

One small problem, Sebastian Campbell is not fully white. Now, this might seem petty and a dumb thing to get worked up about (it is, all racism is stupid; but this is the world of nazis we are dealing with). Regardless, it seems that whenever Sebastian Campbell tries to reach out to other, more established nazis in the PNW they steadfastly reject him. Sebastian had to create his own little nazi crew because those he tried to join up with rejected him for not being fully white and, perhaps more importantly, for being an ass hole.

Content Warning on the following conversation, it is unedited:

While we as decent non-nazi people could care less about what race Sebastian Campbell is, with our concern being the hate he has towards others; nazis, on the other hand, tend to be rather concerned about their perceived white racial superiority. It was obvious too that talk of his lack of pure white blood clearly triggered Sebastian in a way that only a nazi would get upset about. This is just one example we found recently of him being kicked out of more established white nationalist groups due to his self-admitted racial impurity as well just being rude and mean to people.

One thing we know about Sebastian Campbell is he drives almost everyone he meets away. He is a fascist and thus of course has no patience for other peoples opinions or thoughts, he wants to be the leader and he lies all the time in order to make himself look more cool and feel more important than he actually is. Becoming the White Lives Matter admin and defecto Montana leader of WLM has served that ego craving and brought him followers that he could never attract or reach without the clout of White Lives Matter behind him. We are certain that members of the WLM crew in MT dislike Sebastian but go along anyhow because he is the admin.

Sebastian Campbell admitting most WLM nazis in MT are from out of state

Just as Sebastian Campbell previously would use the Cleetus Montana account to blast “move to Montana” propaganda on other white nationalists channels, he now does the same with the Montana WLM propaganda videos he loves to make and promote. The thing is, nazis in other states get annoyed fairly quickly with Sebastian’s strange Montana superiority claims. For instance, Sebastian Campbell managed to piss off the Idaho White Lives Matter nazis and then attacked them, basically arguing he was better than all of them because he put up stickers.

For Sebastian Campbell, with no family (his wife left him and took the kids) and nothing else apparently to do or live for, these WLM nazi stickers have become his life. He goes around attacking anyone who actually has a life. He is a sad, pathetic person. Blasting the internet with propaganda videos and stickers gives him the sort of praise from strangers that his ego craves, but as soon as anyone gets to actually know him it very much seems as if they leave him shortly after meeting. He does not understand that other people have lives, and that putting nazi stickers up around parks and driving around drunk while filming propaganda videos isn’t the pinnacle of life. But for Sebastian Campbell, if others don’t do exactly what he does or think and act just like him, while also worshiping the ground he walks on, then he considered them to be feds or antifa or otherwise bad actors and larpers out to bring down the white race.

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi and White Lives Matter Admin

Sebastian Campbell was just putting around being a nazi loser in the Flathead Valley, trying unsuccessfully to gather a nazi crew in the state that would follow his lead. Then it all changed when he was offered the admin of White Lives Matter

Sebastian Campbell asking and then being offered admin of MT WLM

Sebastian so craves attention and praise that he went out putting up White Lives Matter stickers around Kalispell and then sending them to the WLM vetting bot until eventually the WLM nazis reached out and asked him to apply for admin.

After taking over as White Lives Matter admin in Montana, Sebastian Campbell has gone full steam into making banners and stickers and then distributing them and then trying to get others to do the same. He’s a loser and clearly not from Montana, and thus he has almost entirely attracted nazis who are also new to Montana for his WLM crew. However, as much as Sebastian is a miserable loser, his huge ego, his longing to be accepted by the greater nazi community, and his seemingly endless need for praise makes him not only incredibly active in spreading nazi propaganda but also potentially rather dangerous as he seems to have a need to prove himself.

Sebastian Campbell with WLM nazis

Looking closely, Sebastian Campbell is clearly notacible in the picture on the far right as the hat he is wearing in the picture matches exactly the hat he is wearing in his Telegram profile pic as well as in multiple pictures he’s posted on both Telegram and Facebook of him near the Flathead River. Also note the explicit nazi flags on the left of the picture.

Sebastian Campbell with early “Cleetus” nazi crew

For instance, in this picture of Sebastian Campbell’s early days crew of Flathead Vally nazis (a pic that he got his profile picture from, seen at beginning of article), the hat worn by “Cleetus” matches that worn by individual on far right of banner pic.

Sebastian Campbell with “cleetus” nazi crew

And then this same hat is worn by “Cleetus” in this group picture. The person wearing the hat in all three pictures is of course Sebastian Campbell.

Since becoming admin of White Lives Matter, Sebastian Campbell now has a crew of about ten who seem to reliably show up to events and put up stickers. There are more vetted members (probably no more more than 20) but it seems to be around ten that are ever at the banner waves. There have been two banner waves in Missoula and three in Helena including the most recent event on December 18, 2021 where Sebastian Campbell confronted a local with a hammer.

Sebastian Campbell at Helana WLM nazi rally with hammer (hammer seen hanging on belt in picture)

Sebastian Campbell admitting he had hammer at WLM nazi rally

Rather than show a picture of the banner rallies, how about this picture of them all strugling to get away in the back of a pickup.

Sebastian Campbell and other nazis leaving the Helena MT WLM nazi rally

Likewise, we are not going to post here all the White Lives Matter nazi propaganda stickers Sebastian Campbell has put up around the Flathead Valley and Kalispell MT specifically, but here are a few:

Sebastian Campbell putting WLM nazi sticker on Kalispell MT City Hall

Sebastian Campbell putting WLM nazi stickers on Kalispell Police Department

Sebastian Campbell placing WLM nazi stickers on Kalispell City Hall

Sebastian Campbell is, at this point, highly recognizable. He has placed WLM nazi propaganda stickers all around the Flathead Valley (they were quickly removed) including on Kalispell City Hall, Kalispell Police Department, and the Kalispell Library. He is actively encouraging other nazis across the state to do so as well.

Below is a still from one of the many white nationalist propaganda videos Sebastian Campbell spends his time creating. Basically, Sebastian guilts other nazis into showing up to hold a racist banner so that he can then film it, edit the videos into cringe, edgy propaganda that he then distributes out of state through nazi channels on Telegram. His main audience is out of state nazis that will then send him praise or repost his videos. He seeks fame in the worst corners of the internet. Sebastian Campbell doesn’t care about Montana, and we’re not that sure that he cares much about white people (after all he beat his wife and is an asshole to nearly everyone), but we do know that Sebastian cares about himself and cares a lot about putting stickers up and looking like a top-notch nazi on the internet rather than the poser he truly is. He’s covering up and overcompensating for a lot of personal insecurities.

Still from Montana White Lives Matter propaganda video made by Sebastian Campbell

Sebastian Campbell always captions his videos like the above with these borderline homoerotic messages about tough, strong men coming together. And yes, there are women involved in the WLM banner waves, but he always ignores and discounts them. We can’t even laugh enough at how silly this all is. It’s Montana, it snows; that’s not even very much snow. Standing on a shoveled sidewalk near a plowed street for two hours (two hours is a stretch, try like 45 minutes) does not demonstrate any level of toughness what so ever. Children during recess at school demonstrate a far greater level of toughness in the elements than this garbage propaganda. General rule, you’re gonna get made fun of in Montana for bragging about how tough you are simply for standing outside for an hour or two unless you get at least a touch of frost bite. One can tell how much these White Lives Matter nazi losers like Sebastian Campbell spend on-line by how much they think being outside is some sort of incredible accomplishment.

Sebastian Campbell, MT Nazi, Has a Very Sad Life

We are frequently asked how or why someone has enough time to go around the state putting up dumb nazi stickers, and then making edgy videos of themselves putting up the stickers even though the stickers are almost always removed by the time the videos are posted on Telegram. The answer is Sebastian Campbell has nothing else to do with his life. He lives a sad lonely life, and has a massive ego that seems to drive him towards attention and praise. He has found even sadder people who will notice him in the white supremacy world. It’s even more so with WLM because his stickers get posted by other states and channels, which is exactly the sort of attention he was trying for when he was just the Cleetus Watering Hole channel that everyone ignored. We’re not even sure how much the white nationalist world knows that the rude asshole “Cleetus” (who is self admitted not fully white) is the admin and main account behind the Montana WLM. But we do know he tries really hard to get noticed and we have found him many times showing up into nazi chats that we have already infiltrated and sit lurking in. But the little snowflake gets mad and leaves when any one questions his greatness.

Sebastian Campbell moved to Montana from Kentucky in the fall of 2020 with the hopes of building a whites only life for himself and his family. Then, it seems, his dreams of being nazi leader won out over family (which is incredible because having white kids is like number one priority for nazis because they fear more than anything the white race going away). He had grand plans for his family and kids. And then his wife (who we will not name) left him and took the kids back to Kentucky. So, ya, Sebastian Campbell has nothing left to do than work as an independent contractor and put pathetic WLM nazi stickers up around town. His wife left him, by the way, because he an abusive domestic violent offender.

Sebastian Campbell booking info for domestic violence arrest

Wife posting on Facebook she moved back to KY

Sebastian Campbell was in Kalispell jail for longer than we would have thought. As we monitored the house following learning of his arrest, we noticed her car was gone pretty much right away. Assuming one of his nazi buddies eventually bailed him out, cause it certainly doesn’t seem like his wife posted bail. Good for her for leaving this shity person and terrible situation. Not many of the abused wives within the nazi and white nationalist world actually leave. If she stays away from him and from nazis and white supremacists it is certain that his kids will have a better life and grow up to be far better people. While we only know of this one instance, it is highly unlikely that this was an isolated incident of domestic violence, but rather that it was so bad that it became the final breaking straw.

Sebastian Campbell, MT Nazi, Involved with Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Organization in an Attempted and Failed “standoff” in Somers MT

In late September 2021, Ammon Bundy’s militia/sovereign citizen activist network People’s Rights put a call out for militia types to converge on Somers MT to “defend” locally known buffoon Dennis Thornton’s garbage claim that his land was being wrongly seized. While the militias, for the most part, wisely declined to join this People’s Rights call to action, Neo-nazi Sebastian Campbell did decide to participate. Sebastian found out about this call to action because his Facebook friend, fellow nazi, and local arms dealer Lyman Bishop was trying to get people to show up at the Somers MT “stand off.” The Twitter thread below goes into more detail.

Sebastian Campbell is circled in the pictures below participating alongside Amon Bundy’s Peoples Rights movement Montana leaders at the failed attempted standoff in Somers MT late September 2021. While camping at the Somers MT standoff, Sebastian Campbell convinced/bullied the local People’s Rights leaders of the standoff to go along with his desire to raise up his pirate flag. Just another example of Sebastian Campbell having to get his way everywhere he goes. Either the People’s Rights people were already on good terms with the nazis like Sebastian, or they were able to be bullied by him into making Dennis Thornton’s bogus land standoff all about white nationalist propaganda.

Sebastian Campbell at the People’s Rights failed attempted standoff in Somers MT

Sebastian Campbell at the failed People’s Rights movement attempted standoff in Somers MT

We received messages and videos from the standoff showing conversations discussing if they should raise up any flags during this standoff. Sebastian Campbell wanted his pirate flag flown, and it seems he won out. Shortly after, Sebastian published a propaganda video on his public Cleetus Montana Nationalist channel showing his flags being raised at the People’s Rights lead Sommers MT failed stand off.

Sebastian Campbell raised his flags at the People’s Rights failed Somers MT stand-off

Sebastian Campbell: Montana Nazi, Violent Offender, Wife Beater, and All Around Loser

Sebastian Campbell DOB 06/14/1994 and currently living at 621 11th St. W Kalispell MT 59901. He no longer drives a red Toyota pickup, but now drives a blue late 90s Suburban, which we often see parked outside his house:

Sebastian Campbell’s current vehicle

So, Sebastian Campbell is a loser but that does not mean he is not a cause for concern for the Flathead Valley community as well as for Montana and the so-called Redoubt in general. First, he is a violent person who is inclined to lash out at anyone including fellow nazis if he disagrees with them. Secondly, he is dead set on making his WLM nazi crew become the most active in the nation. He will threaten and bully fellow nazis into participating in banner waves every month as well as placing stickers around the state as much as possible. Third, he and his fellow nazis are actively reaching out and connecting with Montana conservatives. Though some of the people he reaches out to are on the far right, they aren’t necessarily nazis: Sebastian wants the Montana Republican Party to fully adopt Neo-nazi ideology and is working towards that end with members of his close crew being actively involved in Montana patriot chats.

We call on Montana republicans, libertarians, and conservatives to reject the nazi ideology and propaganda that is White Lives Matter and to reject and block all fascists and nazis that are operating within conservative circles pushing their hate and propaganda. You cannot be a patriot and still tolerate nazis.

Secondly, we call on the residents of Flathead Valley to be aware that this nazi Sebastian Campbell is an independent contractor under the name Satzinger Construction LLC. Please be mindful of who you hire for work, and avoid Sebastian aka Satzinger Construction at all costs. Not only is he a nazi, but he is a terrible worker reportedly being drunk at work and spending lots of time at work making and spreading Neo-nazi memes on the internet.

Finally, one more picture of Montana Nazi Sebastian Campbell. Keep an eye out and stay away from him.

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi


Idaho’s Far Right IT Guy

Parrish Miller is a sneaky character (as far as loudmouth right-wing extremists go). While he makes plenty of noise on social media, through his tweeting as the Lieutenant Governor, perhaps as the Idahoans for Liberty account on Twitter, or his personal Facebook/Twitter profiles: Miller’s behind the scenes work has largely escaped scrutiny. We found his digital-fingerprints on over 100 websites; we believe this to be just the tip of the iceberg, though. Before we discuss where we found Miller hidden, let’s talk about where he’s known to be found.

Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin’s Office

From Lawmakers question McGeachin contract with IFF analyst, Betsy Russel, Idaho Press:

According to state records, McGeachin’s office has an $800 per month contract with Miller, but also has made additional payments to him. In fiscal year 2019, her office paid him $4,150. In fiscal year 2020, it paid him $12,596.25. In the current year to date, which started July 1, her office has paid him $5,011. That comes to a total of $21,757.25.

This connection was on full display when Miller tweeted as McGeachin recently (November 4th, 2021):

Miller contractually works for Idaho’s Lieutenant Governor, a fact that is significant and should be remembered throughout. This person works from inside Idaho’s state government.

Idaho Freedom Foundation Policy Analyst / Freedom Index Analyst

Miller can also be found as an analyst at the far right-wing, Koch-funded, Idaho Freedom Foundation:

The Mixing of Roles

Already, there are red flags. A policy analyst from an extreme right-wing think-tank should not be communicating as the Lieutenant Governor; the Idaho Freedom Foundation is not an elected official and neither is Miller. Addionally, Information technology services are not communications services. Law Insider defines information technology services as:

Information technology services means services designed to provide functions, maintenance, and support of information technology devices, or services including but not limited to computer systems application development and maintenance; systems integration and interoperability; operating systems maintenance and design; computer systems programming; computer systems software support; planning and security relating to information technology devices; data management consultation; information technology education and consulting; information technology planning and standards; and establishment of local area network and workstation management standards.

What this means is: just because your IT guy describes himself as a “policy wonk,” you cannot allow him to communicate as an elected official.

Idaho Freedom Foundation (one of Miller’s other employers) spokesperson, Dustin Hurst, also hints that Miller’s placement went beyond IT services and somehow “saved taxpayers money,” which seems to indicate policy input.

Once again, from Betsy Russel’s article:

Dustin Hurst, IFF spokesman, said, “Parrish actually probably saved taxpayers money, which is admirable, and the outrage is unfounded, it’s nonsensical. … Parrish is a private contractor for the Idaho Freedom Foundation and he’s a private contractor for the lieutenant governor.”

Parrish Miller, Elsewhere

While this is concerning, it’s not new: these are things known and covered. What drew our attention, and what made Miller worth a deeper dive, was our almost accidental discovery of Miller’s behind-the-scenes work. We’ve discovered his digital fingerprint on around 120 websites, including several for far-right Idaho politicians and political hopefuls such as Janice McGeachin, Heather Scott, Sarah Clendenon, Karey Hanks, and more. Parrish Miller is also behind the creation of at least one fake news website: Greg Pruett’s Idaho Dispatch.

Finding Parrish, The Method

There are several pieces of data that act as digital fingerprints across the internet.
Name of Business: On many of Parrish Miller’s sites, he simply adds a link to his own business website at the bottom of the page. Finding this identifier on a site, the other fingerprint details present can be deduced as belonging to Miller. We identified 37 sites with Miller’s name or business name.
Google AdSense ID: This is a unique identifier for websites serving ads through Google. Google uses it to determine ads and ad payments through sites that serve them. One might expect the unique AdSense ID to belong to the site owner, which is why we didn’t even consider searching by this detail. According to Google:

Across the websites that we’ve linked to Miller, only 2 AdSense IDs are ever used. They present a total of 12 times across the sites.
Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID: Similar to the AdSense ID, the UA tracking ID can used to identify unique actors in the site’s background source code. The first number is a user’s account number, the second is a property number. Using Google’s reference material for explanation:

This data was present in 76 of the 116 sites that we examined. Miller used one account number across 34 sites, half of which he didn’t sign his name on. Another account number was used 14 times, only “signed” by name once. A third account number was used 20 times that we found, often anonymously.
IP Address:This identifier can’t be said to be truly unique. It appears that Miller has a hosted server in El Segundo, CA. We found around 111 sites running out of that one location. Nearly the entirety of these sites can be linked to Miller through one of the other identifiers previously mentioned. Upon finding this cache, we used the websites listed at this IP address as a jumping off point to examine for the other fingerprints.

All of these fingerprints could be found in abundance in the sites on the El Segundo server. Once a background piece of data (AdSense ID or UA Tracking ID) was tied to Parrish Miller through his name or company credited on a site that used that data, we could then look elsewhere online for those pieces of data outside of the server, or on sites without Miller’s name or business name. This created a “the more you find, the more you can find” situation that kept leading to new discoveries.

Notable Websites Linked to Parrish

Idaho Dispatch – This appears to be a “fake news” right-wing extremist website run by Greg Pruett.
2A Daily News – An even more extreme collection of news, this one is just jarring or offensive articles propping up right-wing extremism and right-wing gun culture. Once again, Greg Pruett.
Free Idaho – This was the website for the mask burning event at the Capitol in March.
Keep Idaho Free – “The last stand for free people to fight back against liberal lunacy.” A website used to attack political enemies anonymously.
Gem State Heist – Another website for attacking those to the left of them anonymously. This site was used in Greg Pruett’s list of targets he released earlier that included Idaho97%, Reclaim Idaho, BLM Boise, and Extinction Rebellion.
Idahoans for Liberty – This is the website that used to be anti-Trump that represents the organization that Ada County Commissioner (and neo-Nazi associate) Ryan Davidson used to helm. It’s devolved into anonymous vile attacks on Twitter as @idahoans.
Idaho on Fire – A website that (anonymously) believes that “environmentally sponsored policies must be challenged and changed.”
Ada County Tea Party – It’s expired now but Miller was behind that one as well.

Political Candidate Sites

Janice McGeachin – This one’s no surprise. We found 4 sites on the El Segundo server that pointed to her campaign site that he built.
Heather Scott (99 rating on Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index) – Miller has 2 campaign websites (and 1 redirect) for this IFF favorite.
Dorothy Moon (98 rating on Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index) – Another right-wing extremist star of IFF that Miller does side-business with.
Gregory Ferch (97 rating on Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index) – Unsurprisingly, another very high scorer on IFF’s report card.
Christy Zito (96 rating on Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Freedom Index) – Yet again, doing business with Miller is good business in extremist circles.

Also: Zach Brooks, Doug Traubel, Glenneda Zuiderveld, Todd Hatfield, Jud Miller, Julie Yamamoto, Karey Hanks, Kristin Pruett, Viki Purdy, Rocky Ferrenburg, Rod Beck, Ryan Davidson, and Sarah Clendenon.

The full list of sites examined can be found here:

In Conclusion

Parrish Miller represents the digital footprint of almost the entire right-wing extremist movement. He’s connected to the anti-CRT movement, the anti-vax/anti-mask movement, Global Warming denialism, pro-2A, and anonymous trolling and targeting of political enemies — even within the republican party (one of his sites anonymously says it’s time for RINO hunting). These aren’t merely philosophical connections, either: Miller is making a living selling this misinformation and incendiary content.

It’s hard to tell which came first, the chicken or the egg. The same can be said about Miller and IFF. Does he do work for their rising stars because of their connection to IFF or do they become connected to the IFF through hiring Miller? Either case is inappropriate: a small group of extremists is coordinating in taking over Idaho in service of extremism. At this point, there is no denying that Parrish Miller plays a major role in this.

Neo-Nazi Associate and Ada County Commissioner Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson is not now, nor has he ever been, anything special. He represents just one example of the concept of (and the modified noun) “fascist creep.” Davidson’s ascension represents the way that right-wing extremists are targeting positions in local and state governments. More interesting than Davidson himself, though, is the system (and his actions within that system) that has chosen this run-of-the-mill, ignorant, bigoted, doofus to elevate into a decision making position, allowing him to do great damage to the community at large.

In this space, we’ll examine the things that Ryan Davidson does that points towards right-wing extremism, bigotry, or fascism. These are the things that people within his circles have embraced, and elevated him within the community for being part of. We believe that if more people, in general, know just how awful Davidson is: the better the community will be able to defend itself from Davidson and Davidson-types.

This will be an ongoing project space to collect and present Davidson’s, often overlooked, and almost always denied, history in Idaho.

It should be noted that we are not a political group and this is not a political attack. We are community defenders and feel that Ryan Davidson should not be welcome anywhere in our community, politics just happens to be where he has attached himself.


Idahoans for Liberty’s “Why Donald Trump is bad for America (and no, it’s not his hair)”


@idahoans for Ted Cruz in 2016 [1]

@idahoans for Ted Cruz in 2016 [2]


@ryan4commish covering for hate crimes in Idaho by asking Proud Boys to submit “100 troll reports each”


Ryan Davidson from Idahoans for Liberty:

The above video is featured on
Ryan Davidson from Idahoans for Liberty (.net)


Ryan Davidson standing with neo-Nazis against Black Lives Matter protesters on June 30th, 2020

Ryan Davidson introducing Ryan Davidson:


Ryan Davidson acting inappropriately in support of Ammon Bundy:
“Ada Commissioner Davidson asked judge to ‘accommodate’ Bundy at courthouse”

White Lives Matter in MT. Meet Libby MT nazi Luke Brandon

This article will introduce Christian Identity nazi Luke Brandon, known online as “unchained” and “expat unchained.”

Luke Brandon, AKA unchained

Selfie posted to a nazi chat by account Unchained

Luke Brandon is a vile antisemite and a disgustingly racist and sexist person. He self identifies as a Christian Identity nazi, which means he literally believes that only white people are humans and that Jews are satan. Luke came to our attention after we found him posting openly on a neo-nazi telegram chat about how he had just moved to Montana. Alarmingly, he also posted that he was connecting up with the Montana White Lives Matter nazis to place their white nationalist propaganda stickers up around the towns of NW Montana. Luke purchased a house in Libby Montana in January 2021 and hopes to settle down in Libby permanently while he waits for social collapse. Like most nazis, Luke believes a race war to be inevitable, followed by a total collapse of society from which to then build up a fascist state. Luke dreams of marrying an extreamly submissive white women for the sole purpose of having lots of white children that he can train to fight in the race war. Prior to moving to MT, Luke was an expat in SE Asia for close to six years. Before that, he lived in Southern California. Before joining the Christian Identity nazi movement, Luke Brandon was active with the anti women, male separatists MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) community and he produced numerous misogynistic anti-feminist propaganda videos.

Identifying Luke Brandon of Libby Montana

The Telegram account “Unchained” spews hate, and identifying the account became a priority when we learned he had moved to NW Montana and was connecting with White Lives Matter. Fortunately, identifying Luke was rather simple. First off, he posts real pictures of himself and uses his real name online.

Unchained account posting in nazi chat saying his name is Luke Brandon

We did not think the name Luke Brandon was accurate, cause like who would post their real name to a nazi chat. So, searching “unchained” and “Luke Brandon” we found Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts posting the same information as what was posted by the “unchained” Telegram account. The selfie posted by the “unchained” Telegram account is the same as the profile picture of Luke Brandon’s personal Facebook. The “unchained” Twitter and Telegram accounts use the same Superman profile picture.

Luke Brandon in video posted while an expat in SE Asia. In this video, Luke Brandon reviews prostitutes.

We found multiple websites where he posted videos under the name “unchained” and “expat unchained” during the time he was an expat in SE Asia. In those videos and in the comments, he would refer to himself as Luke Brandon. While living in SE Asia, Luke Brandon was very active in the MGTOW community. MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way and it is a horribly misogynistic anti-women online community of men who advocate from separating themselves from women. He eventually left the MGTOW community because he thought it was too Jewish. He has now embraced Christian Identity neo-nazism, but keeps the rabid sexism and misogyny of the MGTOW community. For more information on the MGTOW movement, see this article from the Guardian:

Luke Brandon discussing participation in MGTOW community

We watched these videos posted by the “MGTOW Expat,” “Expat Unchained,” and “Unchained” accounts mentioned above, and they are exactly the sort of rambling anti women garbage one would expect from the MGTOW community. Moreover, in all the many videos posted by these various unchained accounts, the presenter refers to himself as Luke Brandon and shows his face. The person in these videos is clearly the same person from the Luke Brandon Facebook profile pic as well as the selfies posted by the “unchained” Telegram and Twitter accounts. Not only has Luke Brandon posted videos providing his name and image, we also found that he posted videos documenting his move to Libby Montana.

In the videos he posted documenting his move to Libby MT, we learned that Luke Brandon made a pit stop in Billings Montana. In Billings, Luke lived in a rented trailer for a few months. He also purchased a new black Ford Explorer, which he then used for his move to Libby MT. Furthermore, in these videos documenting his move, Luke Brandon films the inside of his new Ford Explorer. We could see, in the video, the sound system is connected to his phone, playing music from a playlist he titled “Unchained” and also showing the name Luke Brandon on the display.

To top it all off, confirming without a doubt that “unchained” is Luke Brandon, on both Luke’s personal Facebook and the “unchained” Twitter account we found the same pictures of the inside his new Libby MT house. Those interior house pictures match with pictures posted in the real estate listing of his house.

Pictures of inside his house posted by Luke Brandon to the unchained Twitter account

Pictures of inside his house posted by Luke Brandon to his personal Facebook

Real estate listing showing inside of Luke Brandon’s house

As one can see looking closely, the fireplace in the Twitter pictures, the Facebook pictures, and the real estate listing pictures all match. Searching publicly available property records also shows that Luke Brandon bought the house at 2 Pine Ct, Libby MT 59923 in January 2021.

Luke Brandon selfie posted by the Unchained Twitter account

Not only do the interior house pictures from Luke Brandon’s Facebook match that of the “unchained” Twitter account, the selfie posted by the “unchained” Twitter account is clearly the same person as the selfie posted by the “unchained” Telegram account (see the screen shot posted at the beginning of this article), which is then itself the same profile picture as the Luke Brandon Facebook account.

The Luke Brandon Facebook account has also posted several times to the Libby/Troy MT Facebook community group. Luke Brandon uses his personal Facebook account to actively interact with the Libby/Troy MT community. He does not make his disgusting anti women and neo-nazi beliefs known on his personal Facebook account.

Luke Brandon posting to the Libby/Troy MT community Facebook group

Luke Brandon, Libby MT nazi

So, being certain that Luke Brandon is the same person as behind the Unchained accounts on Twitter and Telegram, here is some evidence of him being a nazi.

Christian Identity Nazi-Luke Brandon of Libby Montana

In the posts above, Luke Brandon states that he identifies as Christian Identity. For more information on Christian Identity, which basically is a belief that only white people are human, see the SPLC article on the movement attached via hyperlink: Christian Identity is a unique antisemitic and racist theology that rose to a position of commanding influence on the racist right in the 1980s. “Christian” in name only, it asserts that white people, not Jews, are the true Israelites favored by God in the Bible. The movement’s relationship with evangelicals and fundamentalists has generally been hostile due to the latter’s belief that the return of Jews to Israel is essential to the fulfillment of end-time prophecy.

As someone who was active for years in the MGTOW community, Luke Brandon is extremely sexist. He is more even misogynistic than the average neo-nazi and does not believe that women have any active role to play in the nazi community other than having babies.

He is so sexist he even attacked a female nazi leader who was interviewed on a nazi propaganda clip regarding the up coming White Unity Conference.

Community Threat-Luke Brandon, Montana Nazi

Luke does not share his hate and nazi beliefs on his personal social media, seemingly wanting to keep his new Libby MT community in the dark as to his vile, hate ridden beliefs. Luke prefers to hide his hateful beliefs behind the anonymous “unchained” accounts. That is why we are sharing to the Libby MT community what their new resident, Luke Brandon, truly believes. The screen shots we are sharing are merely a snapshot of Luke Brandon’s disgusting hate.

The “unchained” accounts online belong unquestionably to the new Libby Montana resident Luke Brandon. Now we will show why Luke Brandon is a threat and a concern behind simply being a vile nazi. Mainly, Luke has stated that he is done with waiting, that he wants action. Recently, he connected with the White Lives Matter nazi crew in Kalispell Montana and wants to place similar nazi propaganda around Libby MT. For those unfamiliar with White Lives Matter, it is a racist white supremacist response to the Black Lives Matter movement. For more information, see this Southern Poverty Law article:

Luke Brandon posting as Unchained on Telegram saying that he connected with the MT WLM chapter to put up stickers

In early September 2021, which is when Luke Brandon made this post about connecting with Montana chapter of WLM, there was also WLM stickers placed during more than one occasion around Kalispell MT. Those stickers were located quickly and removed by locals who do not want nazis organizing in their town. The Montana WLM chapter posted evidence of their nazi propaganda stickers being put up around Kalispell on the WLM Telegram channel.

WLM nazi propaganda stickers placed in Kalispell MT.

After returning to the USA from six years as an expat traveling around SE Asia, Luke Brandon moved to Libby MT as a location where he would prepare for the “Last Stand.” Nazis like Luke Brandon believe a race war is inevitable and soon, and that the collapse of the United States will happen soon. This preparation for the last stand is to prepare for societal collapse and then to rebuild a new nation as a whites only fascist state.

Luke Brandon embracing fascism.

Luke Brandon saying he moved to Montana to prepare for the Last Stand and the collapse of modern society

Luke Brandon moved to Montana in hopes modern society will collapse into a race war, in which he dreams of him and fellow nazis emerging from the society collapse to rebuild a new fascist white only nation. Moreover, he is done with online activism; he wants action.

Luke Brandon saying he is done with online activism, and that he has connected with the Montana chapter of the nazi group White Lives Matter

Luke Brandon embracing guerrilla tactics

Luke Brandon says he is done with online activism. He does not particularly support marches and protests, but he does support guerrilla tactics as a means of advancing the Christian Identity, white nationalist nazi agenda of creating an all white fascist state. He is concerned about organized activism because, as he correctly points out, publicly organized white nationalists are generally considered terrorists. Those following the Ammon Bundy campaign for Idaho governor should take note of the fact that there are nazis who see the deadly Ammon Bundy ranch standoff for what it is: an example of organized white nationalism in action, just like the deadly neo-nazi Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ rally.

Conclusion: Luke Brandon, Libby Montana Christian Identity Nazi

Luke Brandon is an active Christian Identity nazi. He moved to Libby MT in January 2021 in order to prepare for what he believes to be the inevitable upcoming race war and social collapse. He longs for social collapse and fantasizes building a whites-only fascist state. While he was for years very active online with videos on multiple platforms, he has recently decided he wants more real life action. He is fed up with the lack of perceived results of online activism and is done with being keyboard warrior. Moreover, now that he owns a house, he does not want attention drawn to himself because he does not want his views to be exposed nor does he want his location to be know. All we can say to that, it too late. If you, Luke Brandon, did not want your hateful beliefs exposed or you location to be revealed, you should have thought twice before bringing your vile Christian Identity nazi ideology to Montana.

Luke Brandon saying he does not want his location to be known. He lives at 2 Pine Ct. Libby MT 59923.


Luke Brandon’s house at 2 Pine Ct. Libby MT


Luke Brandon’s vehicle

Luke Brandon is racist and sexist nazi. More than that, he is active in the white supremacy community, connecting with other nazis and spreading propaganda.

He lives at 2 Pine Ct Libby MT 59923.
He is 42 years old.
He drives a new black Ford Explorer XLT.

He is active in the Libby/Troy MT community Facebook groups, and the people of NW Montana should be aware that Luke Brandon is not just a 42 year old single vet who loves cats and superheroes, but that he is also a vile racist and extremely sexist active neo-nazi.

If anyone has further information about Christian Identity nazi Luke Brandon, please email us at

We keep us safe. Solidarity.


WLM Idaho Organizer Identified as Teran McKinney

White Lives Matter Organizing

In the Spring of 2021, in the wake of the January 6th insurrection, a power vacuum was created. The Proud Boys and militias were hiding, national right-wing organizers were distancing, and Enrique Tarrio was snitching (allegedly). While the usual rats were occupied, the snake under the surface started to slither. The KKK, neo-Nazis, and legitimate white nationalists tried their hand at organizing. They had been deeply involved in the right-wing extremism throughout 2020, appearing at “Patriot” and anti-BLM events around the country. They appeared as biker gangs in Coeur d’Alene. They had shown themselves as “concerned citizens” in rural Montana. In Spokane, they acted as law enforcement and religious leaders.

“White Lives Matter, a racist response to the civil rights movement Black Lives Matter, is a neo-Nazi group that is growing into a movement as more and more white supremacist groups take up its slogans and tactics.”- Southern Poverty Law Center

The White Lives Matter organizers used the same tools recently utilized by “Stop the Steal” organizers and the Proud Boys. Telegram, the same communication and organization space as those movements (after the Parler leaks/shutdown and Facebook purges), had proven more durable and friendly to their needs. This space was also easy to infiltrate and closely monitored by many different groups.

Using Telegram, the White Lives Matter front of white nationalism spawned channel after channel of organizational space representing every city that they found interest. Flyers, stickers, and tags went up in several places across the country as they tried to draw attention to their movement and their intent to mobilize. In the Redoubt, channels popped up for WLM Idaho and WLM Boise; it is our understanding that we had eyes on both.

Nationally, their organizing was a disaster. Like in Idaho, infiltration by antifascists was rampant. Their largest spaces ended up being used for doxing and destabilizing their efforts.

“Leaked Chats Show ‘White Lives Matter’ Movement in Shambles After Antifa Infiltration” – Tess Owen, Vice

Multiple major channels of the WLM organization operation ended up being data collection points for antifascists. Plans, connections, and identities (often kept secret to maintain “respectable” cover in communities) spilled out into the open. Despite the huge setbacks, leaks, and chaos around their event: White Lives Matter continued to tell their followers to show up around the country on April 11th, 2021. Some city organizations collapsed, some continued.

Boise was one of the communities where the organizer refused to back down. Antifascists collected information and prepared their response. The response involved a broad coalition of concerned citizens across several preparation meetings. Signs were made, a noise demo was planned. In as much as anyone could hope: safety was considered.

White Lives Matter Event

On the morning of April 11th, antifascists were on the scene and ready early. They were in the park that White Lives Matter had chosen as their rally space, spotting and reporting to the others. The others were gathering at an off-site location, preparing to march the noise demo into the rally.

Many big trucks circled, several paused (sometimes for minutes at a time) to scope out the park, a few even parked and waited. As their event start time loomed closer, one person entered the park and approached antifascists parked at a table. “You guys here for the event?” he asked. “What event?” was the response. The man accepted this as the right answer from people gathering for a White Lives Matter event, he assumed the antifascists were with him!

He quickly opened up and explained that he was the organizer of the event. He answered several questions, including divulging to antifascists that he was not armed. Before the conversation went on too long, the noise demo marched up. The trucks pulled out quickly and it was just Teran left in “the lion’s den.” (His language, from this post, a video from 2018 where he and his mom went to an anti-ICE protest in Trump hats.)

This is White Lives Matter organizer Teran McKinney:

“I think the more diverse this area becomes, the more crime it’s gonna have, the less people trust each other.” – Teran McKinney, April 11, 2021

Teran on YouTube

Soft-spoken, well-armed, and afraid that the white race is going extinct, Teran seems to consider himself more of a race-realist than racist. He does everything he can to utilize dog-whistles and coded language to avoid saying the quiet parts out loud. It seems, to a certain degree, that he believes his bullshit. In his mind, he doesn’t want to fight; he says he wishes all of the other races well. At the same time, he insists that his make-up is superior and those with less deserve less. This cold, passionless, condemnation of those he deems inferior is particularly jarring. If we hadn’t caught him organizing a White Lives Matter event, it doesn’t seem like anyone would take him seriously as a threat.

If this description of Teran sounds like a description of a violent, white, extremist: concerningly, Teran recorded thoughts shortly after the Christchurch shootings. The video can be seen here: “Thoughts on the Christchurch and San Diego Shootings” by Potatohead (Teran McKinney) on YouTube.

A few quotes from Teran on the Christchurch shooting video:
[2:08] The mosque shooter… I have to admit… I relate to him a lot. I believe in a lot of the same things… The thing, itself, you know, strikes me as being terrible but then… you know, am I rationalizing something that really is, actually, a good thing? Maybe we should start shooting mosques? … I’m kind of drawn to both sides of it. I try to keep an open mind.
[3:48] I do believe that, generally speaking, white genetics are superior.
[7:00] Yes, I do consider myself to have some white supremacist ideas.
[8:30] Whites are, at the current rate, basically going extinct. You can solve it by killing off every other race. You can solve it by raising white birthrates. A combination of the two.
[9:50] I think, generally speaking, mass shooters tend to be very, very, intelligent.
[14:15] I’m not a big fan of Jews, in general.
[17:25] I can have an appreciation for violence on one hand in that sometimes violence is the answer.

Teran on WhiteDate

Switching gears, another place Teran could previously be found online was a dating website, “”. Those screenshots can be viewed below. They paint a picture of a lonely, confused, racist. (Click each image to enlarge.)

Teran on His Own

While his Christchurch video and dating profile confirm that this is our person, there’s more to figure out about Teran. First: the name. Where does the name Teran McKinney come from? “Teran” can be seen across many of his online profiles. “McKinney” is a conclusive detail provided by his resume, which he uploaded to his archived website,

Also on Teran’s Website:

“I believe that the story of the “6 million Jews killed”, mostly by gassing by the Nazis, is false. At a minimum, it is a gross oversimplification of reality. And while grim, the plight of the Jews under the Nazis was not how it has been described.” – Teran McKinney,

Exploring Teran’s archived website is akin to looking around a red-flag graveyard. Here’s just a few quotes from his post, “Is Violence the Answer?” from January 6th, 2021.

So, is violence the answer?


Now, I could go out and try to hunt down some IRS agents and local tax collectors and hang them. In theory, I wouldn’t be hassled about taxes if I did it enough times (successfully). But what if I just tried not paying taxes? I’ve never done that before. It seems like the more peaceful solution. And if someone goes after me, there’s a more direct link between violence and necessity.

I think, the more radical you become, the easier the idea is that violence is the answer. It’s easy to forget what your contribution to a problem is, and if you haven’t actually tried to fix it yourself, within the ways that you can. For instance, telling someone no is a good start before going around shooting people. I’m not saying to never go around shooting people, but at least learn how to say no first.

You can accept your fate as a rat in the race, struggling for land in a rigged system, paying for those you’ll never know so you struggle to provide for those you do. Or you can see the absurdity it is, and once you’re doing all you can to be your best, when the tyrannical fate is at your doorstep knocking, it’s surely the time to strike. If not already a bit sooner if you truly know the war is coming to you whether you like it or not.

The 2nd amendment clearly is not just for show. There are traitors who have to be hung. There are battles to be won. There is land to be conquered.

Teran at Home

In his dirt bike video, Utah BRD – Lockhart Basin – Day 2 Highlights (2019), there’s several seconds during the introduction where his blue and white Yamaha WR250R can be seen. In the thumbnail, and at 10:42 in the video, Teran can be seen posing with the bike. This is the same person from the Christchurch video, this is the same person from the White Lives Matter rally.

A bit of detective work turned up an address in Boise. When researchers checked the Boise address, we found the Yamaha WR250R parked in the garage.

What to Do About Teran

Teran is an unemployed, hyper-online, anarcho-capitalist, white supremacist, who lives with his parents in Boise, Idaho. We call on all communities that he is a member of to reject him completely. We call on Teran’s parents to take corrective action and stop enabling their white supremacist son. We call on Boise to do more to make these types of folks uncomfortable and let them know that they’re not welcome. We call on the online community to stay vigilant: currently, it seems that all of Teran’s projects are failures and dormant. We must keep it that way. Don’t give hate space anywhere to be comfortable.

In Conclusion

Boise antifascists and antiracists worked to stop hate from finding a foothold in their community when White Lives Matter tried to take to the streets on April 11th, 2021. White Lives Matter tried to rally again on May 8th, 2021. Antifascists showed up, once again, and chased Teran McKinney and a half-dozen other neo-Nazis out. Antifascists must always show up to prevent hate from taking hold. That is community defense; this article is an extension of that. Redoubt Antifascists extends full gratitude, solidarity, and respect to the fighters of Boise who showed up, especially when the threat was unknown. They are an inspiration to many.

We also have to thank Boise’s researchers who gathered information, analyzed details, and kept looking for progress on this.

Finally, a big thanks goes to Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, who connected some dots for us that we’re not sure that we could have without them.

A Final Note:

Nazis in Bitterroot Valley Montana

Nazis in the Bitterroot Valley Montana

This post will highlight some concerning neo-nazi activity in the Bitterroot Valley and identify some of the individuals involved.

Brian Wistain and Cory Davis, Oct. 9, 2020 at Brian’s house in Florence MT

We will be focusing this article on neo-nazis Brian Wistain and Cory Davis. Although we are aware of many other nazis in their friends group, these two are active in the Bitterroot Valley and are particularly concerning. Both Brian and Cory have been convicted of violent crimes against people and they appear to have no remorse and no shame about their nazi and white supremacy beliefs. For instance, they are both pushing their hateful nazi beliefs onto their young children as well as hosting nazi gatherings in the community. Both Brian and Cory grew up in the San Bernardino/Inland Empire area of Southern California. In California they met and married their also neo-nazi wives/partners. Cory’s wife/partner is Mary Pugue she is equally as much of a white supremacist as Cory and also has a criminal history. Cory and Mary moved to MT sometime around 2017-2018, after first moving to North Idaho around 2013. Brian moved to MT around 2017-2018 with his now ex-wife Maggie Nunn. Maggie is less overtly a racist than the others, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that she is sympathetic to white nationalism and neo-nazism.

So, how did we find these nazis and how do we know they are in fact nazis worthy of a dossier?

Well, let’s just say we are always on the look out for nazis and fascist activity in our community. It didn’t take very long looking on Facebook before we found this picture, which we believe speaks for itself in terms of concerning nazi activity.

Celtic Cross burning at Cory Davis and Mary Pugue’s house. Dec. 21, 2019

So, we found this picture of a Celtic Cross burning posted on Brian Wistain’s Facebook. And, just in case anyone wasn’t sure that this was explicitly a neo-nazi event, there is a swastika casually leaning up against the stump.

Cory Davis

After seeing this picture, we were able to connect some very important dots rather quickly. First, Mary Pughe ‘liked’ the picture. We looked at her Facebook and found several matching group photos, thus confirming her and Brian must know each other. (The like from Abe McGuire is just one of many connections between Cory Davis, Brian Wistain, and a family of North Idaho biker fash, who were also at this nazi gathering, but that is a crew we will address at a latter date. But, for now, it is worthwhile to mention that this Bitterroot Valley nazi gathering was related to the funeral of Iron McGuire, who was part of that North Idaho biker fash family). But, moving on, how about some more pictures from that nazi gathering that Brian posted on his Facebook? This one below shows Cory Davis. Now, at this point we were not sure if this nazi gathering happened at Brian Wistain’s house or at Mary Pughe’s house, but those two had the most pictures of the gathering on their Facebooks so we knew they were involved.

Cory Davis at nazi gathering, Dec. 21, 2019

Looking at Mary Pughe’s Facebook, the dots fell into place. Notice the willow tree and new roof in the picture above.

Cory Davis wearing shirt saying Davis Roofing

Cory Davis, Dec. 26, 2020

So, on Mary Pughe’s Facebook we found the same male with her kids, both at a dinner and at Christmas. This strongly suggests her husband or father of the kids, which we eventually confirmed through other family photos that we will not be posting here. But, before finding family photos, we noticed the shirt said Davis Roofing. We looked that up, and sure enough Davis Roofing is a company owned by Cory Davis. The name Cory matched with the name Cory mentioned in family photos. Moreover, the address we were able to find for Mary Pughe was the same as that listed on the Secretary of State’s website for Cory Davis’ company Davis Roofing.

Business registration for Cory Davis company Davis Roofing.

Now we had an address and a business name, Davis Roofing. Remember that new roof in the cross burning pictures? Well, not only did we take a quick look at Google maps and confirmed the willow tree in the yard. We also figured we’d go ahead and give the house a checkout in person too. Yes, we can confirm the nazi gathering with a cross burning happened at Cory Davis and Mary Pughe’s house at 552 US HWY 93 S Hamilton, MT 59840. If you’re heading south on highway 93 from Missoula, its just south/past Hamilton and on the left hand side of the road.

That said, Cory Davis and Mary Pughe are moving.

So, Cory Davis and Mary Pughe are moving to Cave Junction Oregon.

We want Oregon comrades to be aware of this nazi couple. And, so before we get into more info on Brian Wistain, here is some further info and photos of Cory Davis and Mary Pughe.

Cory Davis and Mary Pughe June 2012

Cory’s tattoos are an obvious indicator of his nazi beliefs. He has not changed his beliefs since this photo was taken in 2012.

Note Mary’s comment “sure do love the color white”


Cory Davis February 2014


Cory Davis with kids, both Cory and his son are wearing fascist nazi clothing. July 2020


Cory Davis wearing nazi shirt, June 20, 2021

We believe it is obvious that Cory Davis and Mary Pughe are fascist neo-nazi, unsympathetic white supremacists. It is concerning, though not surprising, they would put their kids in neo-nazi clothing (the design on the blue shirt is the Sonnenrad, which is an ancient European symbol that was appropriated by the nazis. It is also known as the Black Sun). Also concerning is Cory and Mary’s criminal record.


Mary Pughe was charged with illegally carrying a loaded handgun.


Cory Davis criminal charges

These are just some of the criminal charges Mary and Cory have been convicted of. We are only including their crimes against other people, and this list is not inclusive. Note that Cory was charged with attempted murder, gross bodily harm, use of deadly weapon, assault with deadly weapon. Mary was charged with illegally carrying a loaded concealed gun. Cory was not convicted on the attempted murder, but was convicted on assault with deadly weapon. It was his second strike. Cory moved out of California very soon after getting out of prison. There should be no mistake that Cory and Mary are violent, dangerous nazis and a threat to any community they live.


Brian Wistain

Moving on to Brian Wistain. He was obviously easy to identify because he posted the pictures of the cross burning on his Facebook.

Nazi gathering at Cory Davis and Mary Pughe’s house, Hamilton MT Dec. 2019

In this picture above from the cross burning nazi gathering, you can see Brian Wistain on the right near Cory Davis. Both Brian and Cory are holding (one of) their children. This is a nazi gathering at Mary and Cory’s house, the picture below is a nazi gathering at Brian Wistain’s house.

Nazi gathering at Brian Wistain’s house May 2020. Note the White Pride Word Wide flag circled in back.

So, it’s obvious that Brian Wistain, just like Cory and Mary, hosts gathering of nazis at his house. These are large, multi family gatherings. But, note in the back of that picture above and circled is a White Pride World Wide flag. There were several of those flags hanging in the yard that we found in multiple pictures.

Other than the obvious fact that Brian posted these pics on his Facebook, we located his address through a simple search. He owns his own business, so like Cory Davis, is listed on the MT Secretary of State website.

Brian Wistain business listing and address

Brian’s new and current address, however, is 417 Rickets Rd. Hamilton MT. That address is where he lives, as confirmed by the multiple pictures he posts of his house on Facebook as well as photos from Google maps. The address of 417 Rickets Rd in Hamilton MT is where Brian hosted several nazi gatherings.

Brian Wistain’s house and primary vehicle

That white truck pictured above is Brian’s primary vehicle.

So, why, other than him being a nazi, are we concerned with Brian Wistain? Well, just like Cory Davis, he is pushing his nazi beliefs onto his children and he is a violent and dangerous person.

Brian Wistain’s most recent arrest. 7/27/2021

This is Brian Wistain’s most recent arrest. Warrant issued for failure to appear. We do not know what the original crime was, but it coincided with some reports of domestic violence. We have information that we will not post here but have been passed on to relevant parties. Needless to say, Brian makes himself look like a great dad in his Facebook posts, but those are simply white supremacist propaganda aimed towards his nazi buddies. We have evidence of him, let’s just say, being terrible to his children and his now ex-wife. That said, his wife is not great either, but no one deserves to be victim of domestic violence.


Some of Brian Wistain’s criminal charges when he was still in California.

As you can see, Brian has a history of violence and domestic violence in particular. Back in California, he was arrested for stalking and inflicting corporal injury while he was still on probation for previous stalking charges. He, just like Cory Davis, moved out of California soon after getting out of Prison for his second strike.

Although Brian Wistain’s wife has now divorced him, she also has some serious parent problems. We are not going to go into detail due to the involvement of minors. But we will say it is not just Brian who seems to be problematic with the children.

Maggie Nunn, arrested for criminal endangerment Dec. 11, 2019

Brian and Maggie’s kid wearing nazi shirt.

Maggie, just like Brian, act like they are the best parents in the world. In fact, Brian pushes the children to embrace white supremacy and Maggie goes along with it. She is just as much a danger to their kids as he is and she embraces white nationalism just as he does.

Brian Wistain on Bumble in the Missoula/Hamilton area.


Brian Wistain on Bumble. We would add that one of his other interests is white supremacy.


Brian Wistain, March 2021


Brian Wistain and Maggie Nunn June 2018

Brian Wistain, Maggie Nunn, Cory Davis, and Mary Pughe are neo-nazis.

They are a threat and danger to their children, pushing white supremacy and white nationalism onto them at a young age. They are also a danger to their community. They are currently in the Bitterroot Valley area of Montana. Maggie Nunn lives in Missoula MT and attends the University of Montana. Brian Wistain lives in Florence MT and works self-employed as a framer. Cory Davis and Mary Pughe live just outside of Hamilton MT, and Cory works self-employed as a roofer. Cory Davis and Mary Pughe have recently bought a house in Cave Junction Oregon and will be moving there soon. This dossier was written to inform the community and others about nazi activity and the large nazi gathering these individuals have hosted. The information used in this research was entirely publicly gathered and available. If any one has any questions, information, or would like to learn more please contact us at