Neo-Nazi Associate and Ada County Commissioner Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson is not now, nor has he ever been, anything special. He represents just one example of the concept of (and the modified noun) “fascist creep.” Davidson’s ascension represents the way that right-wing extremists are targeting positions in local and state governments. More interesting than Davidson himself, though, is the system (and his actions within that system) that has chosen this run-of-the-mill, ignorant, bigoted, doofus to elevate into a decision making position, allowing him to do great damage to the community at large.

In this space, we’ll examine the things that Ryan Davidson does that points towards right-wing extremism, bigotry, or fascism. These are the things that people within his circles have embraced, and elevated him within the community for being part of. We believe that if more people, in general, know just how awful Davidson is: the better the community will be able to defend itself from Davidson and Davidson-types.

This will be an ongoing project space to collect and present Davidson’s, often overlooked, and almost always denied, history in Idaho.

It should be noted that we are not a political group and this is not a political attack. We are community defenders and feel that Ryan Davidson should not be welcome anywhere in our community, politics just happens to be where he has attached himself.


Idahoans for Liberty’s “Why Donald Trump is bad for America (and no, it’s not his hair)”


@idahoans for Ted Cruz in 2016 [1]

@idahoans for Ted Cruz in 2016 [2]


@ryan4commish covering for hate crimes in Idaho by asking Proud Boys to submit “100 troll reports each”


Ryan Davidson from Idahoans for Liberty:

The above video is featured on
Ryan Davidson from Idahoans for Liberty (.net)


Ryan Davidson standing with neo-Nazis against Black Lives Matter protesters on June 30th, 2020

Ryan Davidson introducing Ryan Davidson:


Ryan Davidson acting inappropriately in support of Ammon Bundy:
“Ada Commissioner Davidson asked judge to ‘accommodate’ Bundy at courthouse”

Identifying 3 Idaho Proud Boy Insurrectionists

Boise, Late November, 2020

Last year in Boise, Proud Boys came through and were spotted at the Capitol. Some of their gear said “Proud Boys East Idaho”. It gave us something to go on, but not a whole lot. Once they left the city, we had kinda given up on them. East Idaho is big and open country and there’s just so many places they could be. Additionally, we weren’t organized and linked up like we are now.

“East Idaho” Proud Boys in Boise

Fast Forward to January 6th, 2021

In the Proud Boys contingent during the insurrection, one person was wearing an Idaho sweatshirt. This immediately drew our attention and we connected 2 of the Idaho Proud Boy faces to the folks who came through Boise last year.

Proud Boy insurrectionist known only as #IdahoPB, both in Boise and in DC


Proud Boy insurrectionist known only as #PierrePB, both in Boise and in DC

Rewind to December 12th, 2020

Once we began looking for these specific guys, we were able to identify one of them coming through DC in December, when the Proud Boys roamed the streets looking for people to attack and burnt the Black Lives Matter signs at a church (Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, is currently serving time for this hate crime).

#IdahoPB in DC on December 12th, 2020 (Black sunglasses/brown tactical vest)


Skip Ahead Again to August, 23rd, 2021

This is where we were stuck all Spring and through the Summer. When Fall came around, though, something magical happened. One of their fellow Proud Boys sent their son to school in a “Proud of My Daddy” kid’s Proud Boys shirt. The kid was forced to turn the shirt inside-out and the Proud Boy and his local pastor/podcaster used their church to organize a hostile presence at the school in response. This drew lots of attention to Twin Falls Proud Boys.

The video can be seen as long as they keep it up here.


The thing is, we recognized that guy. He was in Boise back in November. Notice the top-left face in the first picture at the top of this post.

Hello, Dash Rendar! (We do NOT believe that to be his real name. But that’s who he is on Facebook!)

Pointed Towards Twin Falls!

This was our first big break, and did it deliver! We didn’t just find #IdahoPB and #PierrePB, we also identified #BiohazardPB! Twin Falls, Idaho is where at least 3 of the Proud Boys insurrectionists were hiding! Unfortunately, this appears to have been a family affair. It brings us no joy to report that all 3 of these insurrection and Proud Boys members that we have identified are from the same family in this small town in Idaho.

First, here’s Menno Derijk Sr. (39), #IdahoPB

He was hard to track down on Facebook and his name was very difficult to confirm, until we found him on Twitter at @mennoderijk. He’s wearing the same Proud Boys polo in these 2 photos.

Next, here’s Menno Derijk Jr. (22), #PierrePB

Young Menno was much easier to match on Facebook.

Finally, here’s Hayes Derijk (20), #BiohazardPB

Here he can be seen with #PierrePB on January 6th. #BiohazardPB actually left this picture up from January 6th but we’ll show a comparison to his Facebook profile picture just to be sure. Curiously, the mole appears to switch sides but that’s most likely a mirroring function of a selfie camera.

Hayes also posted this incredibly racist meme recently.

There you have it.

These 3, Menno Derijk Sr. (39), Menno Derijk Jr. (22), and Hayes Derijk (20), are involved with the violence perpetrated by Proud Boys and the insurrection. We believe them to be dangerous to our communities. We believe them to be active in an extremist hate-group, the Proud Boys.

We believe that this conclusively identifies them and the parts that they have played terrorizing communities in Idaho and Washington. We believe that our work, the work of identification, has concluded on this matter. The next step is not ours to take. We call upon the community of Twin Falls, Idaho to denounce these men, all Proud Boys, and all extremist groups threatening and endangering those around them. We call on all of Idaho to do the same.

Menno Derijk Sr. (39), Menno Derijk Jr. (22), Hayes Derijk (20) during the insurrection in DC, January 6th, 2021


We would like to thank our community that put in the footwork and the outside researchers who checked our work and helped along the way. We would like to thank the researchers who put in energy before us to get us to this point.

Introducing Boise’s Proud Boy Problem

On Monday, July 19th, 2021, anti-vax “protesters” gathered outside of St. Luke’s Hospital in Meridian, ID (a suburb of Boise). Officially, the event was organized by Health Freedom Idaho, but, like usual, that is just a cover for right-wing extremists. Many of the folks in attendance were local trouble makers (Idaho Liberty Dogs, perhaps) or state trouble makers (Idaho Freedom Foundation supporters). Largely, the group was regional troublemakers, though: Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights. We’ll get to all of them eventually but right now, let’s talk about one other group who was present that day.

We’re embarrassed to have been caught so ignorant of these Boys; somehow we missed them in our own back yard. Of all of the folks we spoke to: no one was aware that there was a chapter here. We’ve tracked Proud Boys through the city, we’ve seen them pose at our Capitol Building. Until now, they’ve always kept moving and none of them have ever showed up in the streets. So who are these guys?

ImageImageImage“Proud Boys Boise” spotted at St. Luke’s Hospital on Monday, July 19th, 2021

According to their hats and signs: these are Boise Proud Boys! We decided to see what we could figure out about them and it feels like we got into a bit of cat and mouse with the silverback among them. His social media presence is hard to find but the internet is forever. We found this Proud Boys Boise team member on the “Our Team” section of the Shannon Robnett Industries website. It’s been removed but here’s a cached version from the WaybackMachine: Archive of


This is Senior Project Manager Roy Moore:

In addition to the polo shirt affinity and silly-grin match, notice the Florida hurricane tattoo on the right arm. That’s the giveaway.

In addition to his picture on the Shannon Robnett website, the image file that they uploaded is named “Roy_Moore_960x.jpg”, a simple DuckDuckGo search for “Roy Moore Boise” brings up the Shannon Robnett “Our Team” page as the top result as of this writing.

Following the name to LinkedIn, Proud Boy Roy can be seen listed as “Project Manager at Phoenix Commercial Construction. Image


Following “Phoenix Commercial Construction”, Shannon Robnett is the owner.


Despite scrubbing Proud Boy Roy from Shannon’s main website (and the Phoenix Commercial Construction website), the LinkedIn information gives us a solid connection between Roy and Shannon.

At this point, Roy’s gang affiliation has been determined and employer and professional connections assessed. As these particular Proud Boys have only been spotted in Meridian, we do not accept them as a threat. We are sharing this information as a warning to our community: keep your eyes out. We are sharing this information as a warning to Proud Boys Boise: keep your nose clean and stay the fuck out of our community.

We keep us safe. 🖤

This research has been produced as a collaboration between several groups of concerned citizens, both in and out of the Boise area. Solidarity, gratitude, and respect to Boise’s antifascist community as well as Treasure Valley Antiracist Coalition and Central Oregon Antifascist