Sebastian Campbell Montana White Lives Matter Nazi

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi and White Lives Matter Admin and Organizer

Sebastian Campbell is a neo-nazi organizer and self-promoted leader of the white nationalist hate group White Lives Matter in Montana. Sebastian has multiple alt accounts he uses online, most commonly as CleetusMT or variations of the Cleetus name. He also occasionally uses the name ChuckMT. He moved to Kalispell Montana from Kentucky in the fall of 2020. His wife left him and took the kids back to Kentucky in September 2021 following his arrest for Domestic Violence. Since then, this loser has had nothing but time to dedicate towards recruiting and propogandizing on behalf of the white nationalist, white supremacist, neo-nazi movement. Before he jumped onto the White Lives Matter bandwagon, Sebastian Campbell was active online attempting to recruit white nationalists to move to Montana and join him. We have been monitoring him, both online and off-line, since he first showed on our radar in the summer of 2021. Along with being the leader of the White Lives Matter nazis in Montana, Sebastian Campbell also runs a Telegram channel called the Outlaw Nationalist Watering Hole from which he spreads his pro moving to Montana white supremacy garbage. Most recently, Sebastian organized a white supremacy propaganda banner wave in Helena Montana where he brandished a hammer at a community member who objected to his nazi ideology.

Meet Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi

This article will introduce Sebastian Campbell, better known online as Cleetus or CleetusMT.

Sebastian Campbell was born June 14, 1994 in Kentucky and grew up in the Lexington KY area. He moved to Kalispell MT in the fall of 2020.

He currently rents a town home at 621 11th St. W Kalispell MT 59901

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Sebastian Campbell, MT nazi

Cleetus Montana aka Sebastian Campbell

Sebastian Campbell came on to our radar when we found an account Cleetus Montana/MT blasting all around the messaging service most favored by extremists, Telegram, a call for nazis to move to Montana. He was bragging about bringing nazis together in NW Montana and posted pics of his campouts to his Telegram Chanel, which at that time was called Cleetus’s Watering Hole. The channel was mostly nazi memes and then there would be videos and pictures of Montana along side calls for white people to move to Montana. We immediately recognized the area in these pictures as Flathead Valley and reached out to community members there, informing them there was some nazi in the area trying to organize on Telegram.

“old world glory of Montana” lmfao. No one who is actually from Montana talks like that; it is incredibly condescending as if us from Montana are quaint museum displays

His “watering hole” was a place on the Flathead River him and a couple of other nazi kids would hang out, drink, and try but fail to catch fish.

Pic from early Cleetus Montana Telegram channel

They also did some car camping out in the foothills of Flathead Valley.

Pic of Cleetus campsite

Anti fascists in the area immediately recognized the spot along the Flathead River and photographed “Cleetus” aka Sebastian Campbell having a BBQ in the area not long after discovering the existence of the Telegram channel.

Sebastian Campbell meeting with fellow nazis

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis along Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell photographed driving to/from BBQ posted on Cleetus Telegram channel (note the pirate flag)

These pictures taken by local Montana anti fascists matched those the “Cleetus” account was posting to his channel. This was important because it confirmed the “Cleetus” account was actually in Montana and not just some weird internet larp. The way the “Cleetus” account would talk about Montana, it was obvious the individual was not raised in the state so confirming he was actually living in MT was a priority.

Sebastian Campbell meeting fellow nazis near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell posting pic of nazi meeting near Flathead River

The “Cleetus” account has always been very active preventing any posting in his channel that would be raise red flags with general audiences, such as calls to violence or outward claims of neo-nazism. It doesn’t mean they are not dangerous nazis and white nationalists/supremacists. Rather, it was an intentional effort because nazis (like the mob) are always afraid of being entrapped by the feds and thus stay away from what is called “fed posting” or things that said publicly will raise the attention of federal authorities, i.e. calls to violence. Thus, they use coded language. Rather than burden anyone with having to read pages of white nationalist ramblings looking for the specific nazi dog-whistles and slang terms that are mostly only known to nazis and anti fascist researchers, instead we will post just a few pictures the “Cleetus” accounts shared on Telegram in order to prove that he is a nazi. Starting with the fact that he takes a swastika flag with him when camping.

Sebastian Campbell’s swastika and SS flags

In the days before he became the Montana admin of White Lives Matter, Sebastian Campbell liked to go camping (which he did like one or two times and then made a real big deal about it) with his nazi buddies and post edgy pics of their campsites all decked out with nazi swag like this swastika flag and SS bolts.

Sebastian Campbell with swastika flag in tool box

The swastika flag Sebastian Campbell brought camping is likely this same one he thought cute to keep in the box with his drills (he works in construction).

So, by August we had determined the “Cleetus” account is a nazi who lived in Montana. His active recruitment is what made him a target for us to ID and focus efforts on. We had his name and all his personal info by the end of August.

Identifying the nazi account Cleetus Montana as Sebastian Campbell

Identifying the “Cleetus” account as Sebastian Campbell was fairly easy once we had time to look (unlike Sebastian Campbell, we all have lives to live). The one thing we knew for sure about the Cleetus account other than it belonged to a Neo-nazi living in the Flathead Valley area was that he loved to post pictures of rusty cars down by the Flathead River. With a bit of digging, we found a Facebook account that also loved to post pictures of rusty cars down by the Flathead River.

Sebastian Campbell with rusty cars near Flathead River

Sebastian Campbell with rusty cars near Flathead River

Just one of many examples. His fascination with the rusty cars was funny to us because anyone from Montana knows that nearly every river is lined with rusty cars from when they used to place old cars along the river banks as a form of flood and erosion control. Bragging about finding rusty cars by the river and thinking you discovered them, which is exactly how Sebastian Campbell acted, is like bragging about finding piles of cow shit and calling your self a rancher. It was not just the car pictures that matched, he posted many things on his Facebook that were exactly the same as posted by the “Cleetus” account to the Nationalist Watering Hole Telegram channel. Mainly, a bunch of nazi memes but also both the Telegram and the Facebook accounts shared the same videos of him driving around the Flathead Valley. So now we had a name, Sebastian Campbell. A couple minutes of searching and we confirmed this was a real name.

Sebastian Campbell business registration info

We already knew the “Cleetus” account worked in construction as an independent contractor. So we looked up his info. And there is was. Sebastian Campbell living at 621 11th St W Kalispell MT 59901 (the mailing address is the post office) and operating under the name Satzinger Construction LLC.

Sebastian Campbell’s voter registration

Although his voter registration info confirms the address from the business registration (along with confirming the birthday of 06/14/1994), we wanted to be extra sure this info was accurate. So, we did what anti fascists do: we went to his house. And, sure enough, the same truck that was spotted at the nazi gathering near the Flathead River was in his driveway.

Sebastian Campbell’s house with his truck parked out front

Along with posting pics of rusty cars, the “Cleetus” account loves to post pictures of how beautiful Montana is as a means to recruit fellow nazis and white nationalists to move to the Big Sky State. This early 2000s red Toyota Tacoma matches the vehicle seen in propaganda videos posted the “Cleetus” account (the placement, location of the oh-shit handle in a small truck is almost exclusive to early 2000s Toyota Tacomas).

Still from propaganda video posted by “Cleetus” account with interior of truck matching same vehicle as driven by Sebastian Campbell

So, by the end of August 2021 we had the name, family info, address, work info, vehicle, and DOB of the person behind the “Cleetus” account, which was an account that actively spread nazi propaganda and actively worked to recruit fellow nazis to move to Montana. We shared all this information with local Flathead Valley anti hate organizations and activists. We accomplished this all with on the ground work and simply observing his public channel. Something that Sebastian Campbell and his nazi buddies might have not been aware of, but the people of Kalispell and Flathead Valley in general are no strangers to fighting nazis and forcing fascists out of their community. So, we passed Sebastian’s info to trusted and experienced community activists who continued to monitor him and his buddies on the ground.

Then, we got word that the “Cleetus” account had been offered the state admin position for White Lives Matter after he placed their White Lives Matter nazi propaganda stickers around Kalispell (stickers which were immediately removed). The thing is, disorganized nazis in Montana are as common as Keno machines, drinking and driving, and ranchers falsely blaming brucellosis on buffalo rather than elk. We track and monitor an embarrassing amount of disorganized nazis. But, organized nazis are another story. So, we decided to do a little bit more digging into Sebastian Campbell. Around late September, early October we pulled out some old Telegram sock accounts that had been sitting around, hopped into the nazi chats and started asking around about “Cleetus.”

MT Nazi Sebastian Campbell, Embarrassing Info

Before we get into the info about Sebastian Campbell that is embarrassing from a nazi perspective, there is some small things that are frankly embarrassing from a Montana perspective. For one, he spent all summer hanging out at the Flathead River but does not know how to fly fish. Instead, he claims fly fishing in inferior, and that real fishing is with rod and reel but then also complains when he can’t catch anything even though the fish are jumping.

Secondly, he doesn’t know how to clean a cast iron. He used soap and soaked it, and when that didn’t work, he put it in the dishwasher (ignore the dumb edgy teen editing he does to his pictures)

Even other nazis who weren’t from Montana were laughing and telling him that’s not how ya do that.

Sebastian Campbell can’t fly fish, doesn’t hunt, and doesn’t even know how to clean the cast iron pan he seems to have bought new just for his edgy nazi camping trip. Frankly, we’re not sure if this or being a nazi is what makes him a bad ambassador for the state. But, he’s not only a bad Montanan, he’s a bad nazi too. Turns out, Cleetus, aka Sebastian Campbell, is relatively new to the national socialist community. For someone who is dead set on building a whites only community in Montana, and actively recruiting nazis to move to Montana, he knows very little about nazi ideology or history. He only learned about national socialism and white nationalism during the Trump presidency, and only learned about it through online social media posts. Before getting turned onto white nationalism via Instagram and Facebook, latter Telegram, he didn’t even think nazis were real. But, then he read a PDF of the Turner Diaries, became full nazi, and moved to Montana following the NW Imperative dream of building a white ethnostate in the PNW.

One small problem, Sebastian Campbell is not fully white. Now, this might seem petty and a dumb thing to get worked up about (it is, all racism is stupid; but this is the world of nazis we are dealing with). Regardless, it seems that whenever Sebastian Campbell tries to reach out to other, more established nazis in the PNW they steadfastly reject him. Sebastian had to create his own little nazi crew because those he tried to join up with rejected him for not being fully white and, perhaps more importantly, for being an ass hole.

Content Warning on the following conversation, it is unedited:

While we as decent non-nazi people could care less about what race Sebastian Campbell is, with our concern being the hate he has towards others; nazis, on the other hand, tend to be rather concerned about their perceived white racial superiority. It was obvious too that talk of his lack of pure white blood clearly triggered Sebastian in a way that only a nazi would get upset about. This is just one example we found recently of him being kicked out of more established white nationalist groups due to his self-admitted racial impurity as well just being rude and mean to people.

One thing we know about Sebastian Campbell is he drives almost everyone he meets away. He is a fascist and thus of course has no patience for other peoples opinions or thoughts, he wants to be the leader and he lies all the time in order to make himself look more cool and feel more important than he actually is. Becoming the White Lives Matter admin and defecto Montana leader of WLM has served that ego craving and brought him followers that he could never attract or reach without the clout of White Lives Matter behind him. We are certain that members of the WLM crew in MT dislike Sebastian but go along anyhow because he is the admin.

Sebastian Campbell admitting most WLM nazis in MT are from out of state

Just as Sebastian Campbell previously would use the Cleetus Montana account to blast “move to Montana” propaganda on other white nationalists channels, he now does the same with the Montana WLM propaganda videos he loves to make and promote. The thing is, nazis in other states get annoyed fairly quickly with Sebastian’s strange Montana superiority claims. For instance, Sebastian Campbell managed to piss off the Idaho White Lives Matter nazis and then attacked them, basically arguing he was better than all of them because he put up stickers.

For Sebastian Campbell, with no family (his wife left him and took the kids) and nothing else apparently to do or live for, these WLM nazi stickers have become his life. He goes around attacking anyone who actually has a life. He is a sad, pathetic person. Blasting the internet with propaganda videos and stickers gives him the sort of praise from strangers that his ego craves, but as soon as anyone gets to actually know him it very much seems as if they leave him shortly after meeting. He does not understand that other people have lives, and that putting nazi stickers up around parks and driving around drunk while filming propaganda videos isn’t the pinnacle of life. But for Sebastian Campbell, if others don’t do exactly what he does or think and act just like him, while also worshiping the ground he walks on, then he considered them to be feds or antifa or otherwise bad actors and larpers out to bring down the white race.

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi and White Lives Matter Admin

Sebastian Campbell was just putting around being a nazi loser in the Flathead Valley, trying unsuccessfully to gather a nazi crew in the state that would follow his lead. Then it all changed when he was offered the admin of White Lives Matter

Sebastian Campbell asking and then being offered admin of MT WLM

Sebastian so craves attention and praise that he went out putting up White Lives Matter stickers around Kalispell and then sending them to the WLM vetting bot until eventually the WLM nazis reached out and asked him to apply for admin.

After taking over as White Lives Matter admin in Montana, Sebastian Campbell has gone full steam into making banners and stickers and then distributing them and then trying to get others to do the same. He’s a loser and clearly not from Montana, and thus he has almost entirely attracted nazis who are also new to Montana for his WLM crew. However, as much as Sebastian is a miserable loser, his huge ego, his longing to be accepted by the greater nazi community, and his seemingly endless need for praise makes him not only incredibly active in spreading nazi propaganda but also potentially rather dangerous as he seems to have a need to prove himself.

Sebastian Campbell with WLM nazis

Looking closely, Sebastian Campbell is clearly notacible in the picture on the far right as the hat he is wearing in the picture matches exactly the hat he is wearing in his Telegram profile pic as well as in multiple pictures he’s posted on both Telegram and Facebook of him near the Flathead River. Also note the explicit nazi flags on the left of the picture.

Sebastian Campbell with early “Cleetus” nazi crew

For instance, in this picture of Sebastian Campbell’s early days crew of Flathead Vally nazis (a pic that he got his profile picture from, seen at beginning of article), the hat worn by “Cleetus” matches that worn by individual on far right of banner pic.

Sebastian Campbell with “cleetus” nazi crew

And then this same hat is worn by “Cleetus” in this group picture. The person wearing the hat in all three pictures is of course Sebastian Campbell.

Since becoming admin of White Lives Matter, Sebastian Campbell now has a crew of about ten who seem to reliably show up to events and put up stickers. There are more vetted members (probably no more more than 20) but it seems to be around ten that are ever at the banner waves. There have been two banner waves in Missoula and three in Helena including the most recent event on December 18, 2021 where Sebastian Campbell confronted a local with a hammer.

Sebastian Campbell at Helana WLM nazi rally with hammer (hammer seen hanging on belt in picture)

Sebastian Campbell admitting he had hammer at WLM nazi rally

Rather than show a picture of the banner rallies, how about this picture of them all strugling to get away in the back of a pickup.

Sebastian Campbell and other nazis leaving the Helena MT WLM nazi rally

Likewise, we are not going to post here all the White Lives Matter nazi propaganda stickers Sebastian Campbell has put up around the Flathead Valley and Kalispell MT specifically, but here are a few:

Sebastian Campbell putting WLM nazi sticker on Kalispell MT City Hall

Sebastian Campbell putting WLM nazi stickers on Kalispell Police Department

Sebastian Campbell placing WLM nazi stickers on Kalispell City Hall

Sebastian Campbell is, at this point, highly recognizable. He has placed WLM nazi propaganda stickers all around the Flathead Valley (they were quickly removed) including on Kalispell City Hall, Kalispell Police Department, and the Kalispell Library. He is actively encouraging other nazis across the state to do so as well.

Below is a still from one of the many white nationalist propaganda videos Sebastian Campbell spends his time creating. Basically, Sebastian guilts other nazis into showing up to hold a racist banner so that he can then film it, edit the videos into cringe, edgy propaganda that he then distributes out of state through nazi channels on Telegram. His main audience is out of state nazis that will then send him praise or repost his videos. He seeks fame in the worst corners of the internet. Sebastian Campbell doesn’t care about Montana, and we’re not that sure that he cares much about white people (after all he beat his wife and is an asshole to nearly everyone), but we do know that Sebastian cares about himself and cares a lot about putting stickers up and looking like a top-notch nazi on the internet rather than the poser he truly is. He’s covering up and overcompensating for a lot of personal insecurities.

Still from Montana White Lives Matter propaganda video made by Sebastian Campbell

Sebastian Campbell always captions his videos like the above with these borderline homoerotic messages about tough, strong men coming together. And yes, there are women involved in the WLM banner waves, but he always ignores and discounts them. We can’t even laugh enough at how silly this all is. It’s Montana, it snows; that’s not even very much snow. Standing on a shoveled sidewalk near a plowed street for two hours (two hours is a stretch, try like 45 minutes) does not demonstrate any level of toughness what so ever. Children during recess at school demonstrate a far greater level of toughness in the elements than this garbage propaganda. General rule, you’re gonna get made fun of in Montana for bragging about how tough you are simply for standing outside for an hour or two unless you get at least a touch of frost bite. One can tell how much these White Lives Matter nazi losers like Sebastian Campbell spend on-line by how much they think being outside is some sort of incredible accomplishment.

Sebastian Campbell, MT Nazi, Has a Very Sad Life

We are frequently asked how or why someone has enough time to go around the state putting up dumb nazi stickers, and then making edgy videos of themselves putting up the stickers even though the stickers are almost always removed by the time the videos are posted on Telegram. The answer is Sebastian Campbell has nothing else to do with his life. He lives a sad lonely life, and has a massive ego that seems to drive him towards attention and praise. He has found even sadder people who will notice him in the white supremacy world. It’s even more so with WLM because his stickers get posted by other states and channels, which is exactly the sort of attention he was trying for when he was just the Cleetus Watering Hole channel that everyone ignored. We’re not even sure how much the white nationalist world knows that the rude asshole “Cleetus” (who is self admitted not fully white) is the admin and main account behind the Montana WLM. But we do know he tries really hard to get noticed and we have found him many times showing up into nazi chats that we have already infiltrated and sit lurking in. But the little snowflake gets mad and leaves when any one questions his greatness.

Sebastian Campbell moved to Montana from Kentucky in the fall of 2020 with the hopes of building a whites only life for himself and his family. Then, it seems, his dreams of being nazi leader won out over family (which is incredible because having white kids is like number one priority for nazis because they fear more than anything the white race going away). He had grand plans for his family and kids. And then his wife (who we will not name) left him and took the kids back to Kentucky. So, ya, Sebastian Campbell has nothing left to do than work as an independent contractor and put pathetic WLM nazi stickers up around town. His wife left him, by the way, because he an abusive domestic violent offender.

Sebastian Campbell booking info for domestic violence arrest

Wife posting on Facebook she moved back to KY

Sebastian Campbell was in Kalispell jail for longer than we would have thought. As we monitored the house following learning of his arrest, we noticed her car was gone pretty much right away. Assuming one of his nazi buddies eventually bailed him out, cause it certainly doesn’t seem like his wife posted bail. Good for her for leaving this shity person and terrible situation. Not many of the abused wives within the nazi and white nationalist world actually leave. If she stays away from him and from nazis and white supremacists it is certain that his kids will have a better life and grow up to be far better people. While we only know of this one instance, it is highly unlikely that this was an isolated incident of domestic violence, but rather that it was so bad that it became the final breaking straw.

Sebastian Campbell, MT Nazi, Involved with Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights Organization in an Attempted and Failed “standoff” in Somers MT

In late September 2021, Ammon Bundy’s militia/sovereign citizen activist network People’s Rights put a call out for militia types to converge on Somers MT to “defend” locally known buffoon Dennis Thornton’s garbage claim that his land was being wrongly seized. While the militias, for the most part, wisely declined to join this People’s Rights call to action, Neo-nazi Sebastian Campbell did decide to participate. Sebastian found out about this call to action because his Facebook friend, fellow nazi, and local arms dealer Lyman Bishop was trying to get people to show up at the Somers MT “stand off.” The Twitter thread below goes into more detail.

Sebastian Campbell is circled in the pictures below participating alongside Amon Bundy’s Peoples Rights movement Montana leaders at the failed attempted standoff in Somers MT late September 2021. While camping at the Somers MT standoff, Sebastian Campbell convinced/bullied the local People’s Rights leaders of the standoff to go along with his desire to raise up his pirate flag. Just another example of Sebastian Campbell having to get his way everywhere he goes. Either the People’s Rights people were already on good terms with the nazis like Sebastian, or they were able to be bullied by him into making Dennis Thornton’s bogus land standoff all about white nationalist propaganda.

Sebastian Campbell at the People’s Rights failed attempted standoff in Somers MT

Sebastian Campbell at the failed People’s Rights movement attempted standoff in Somers MT

We received messages and videos from the standoff showing conversations discussing if they should raise up any flags during this standoff. Sebastian Campbell wanted his pirate flag flown, and it seems he won out. Shortly after, Sebastian published a propaganda video on his public Cleetus Montana Nationalist channel showing his flags being raised at the People’s Rights lead Sommers MT failed stand off.

Sebastian Campbell raised his flags at the People’s Rights failed Somers MT stand-off

Sebastian Campbell: Montana Nazi, Violent Offender, Wife Beater, and All Around Loser

Sebastian Campbell DOB 06/14/1994 and currently living at 621 11th St. W Kalispell MT 59901. He no longer drives a red Toyota pickup, but now drives a blue late 90s Suburban, which we often see parked outside his house:

Sebastian Campbell’s current vehicle

So, Sebastian Campbell is a loser but that does not mean he is not a cause for concern for the Flathead Valley community as well as for Montana and the so-called Redoubt in general. First, he is a violent person who is inclined to lash out at anyone including fellow nazis if he disagrees with them. Secondly, he is dead set on making his WLM nazi crew become the most active in the nation. He will threaten and bully fellow nazis into participating in banner waves every month as well as placing stickers around the state as much as possible. Third, he and his fellow nazis are actively reaching out and connecting with Montana conservatives. Though some of the people he reaches out to are on the far right, they aren’t necessarily nazis: Sebastian wants the Montana Republican Party to fully adopt Neo-nazi ideology and is working towards that end with members of his close crew being actively involved in Montana patriot chats.

We call on Montana republicans, libertarians, and conservatives to reject the nazi ideology and propaganda that is White Lives Matter and to reject and block all fascists and nazis that are operating within conservative circles pushing their hate and propaganda. You cannot be a patriot and still tolerate nazis.

Secondly, we call on the residents of Flathead Valley to be aware that this nazi Sebastian Campbell is an independent contractor under the name Satzinger Construction LLC. Please be mindful of who you hire for work, and avoid Sebastian aka Satzinger Construction at all costs. Not only is he a nazi, but he is a terrible worker reportedly being drunk at work and spending lots of time at work making and spreading Neo-nazi memes on the internet.

Finally, one more picture of Montana Nazi Sebastian Campbell. Keep an eye out and stay away from him.

Sebastian Campbell, Montana Nazi


White Lives Matter in MT. Meet Libby MT nazi Luke Brandon

This article will introduce Christian Identity nazi Luke Brandon, known online as “unchained” and “expat unchained.”

Luke Brandon, AKA unchained

Selfie posted to a nazi chat by account Unchained

Luke Brandon is a vile antisemite and a disgustingly racist and sexist person. He self identifies as a Christian Identity nazi, which means he literally believes that only white people are humans and that Jews are satan. Luke came to our attention after we found him posting openly on a neo-nazi telegram chat about how he had just moved to Montana. Alarmingly, he also posted that he was connecting up with the Montana White Lives Matter nazis to place their white nationalist propaganda stickers up around the towns of NW Montana. Luke purchased a house in Libby Montana in January 2021 and hopes to settle down in Libby permanently while he waits for social collapse. Like most nazis, Luke believes a race war to be inevitable, followed by a total collapse of society from which to then build up a fascist state. Luke dreams of marrying an extreamly submissive white women for the sole purpose of having lots of white children that he can train to fight in the race war. Prior to moving to MT, Luke was an expat in SE Asia for close to six years. Before that, he lived in Southern California. Before joining the Christian Identity nazi movement, Luke Brandon was active with the anti women, male separatists MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) community and he produced numerous misogynistic anti-feminist propaganda videos.

Identifying Luke Brandon of Libby Montana

The Telegram account “Unchained” spews hate, and identifying the account became a priority when we learned he had moved to NW Montana and was connecting with White Lives Matter. Fortunately, identifying Luke was rather simple. First off, he posts real pictures of himself and uses his real name online.

Unchained account posting in nazi chat saying his name is Luke Brandon

We did not think the name Luke Brandon was accurate, cause like who would post their real name to a nazi chat. So, searching “unchained” and “Luke Brandon” we found Facebook accounts and Twitter accounts posting the same information as what was posted by the “unchained” Telegram account. The selfie posted by the “unchained” Telegram account is the same as the profile picture of Luke Brandon’s personal Facebook. The “unchained” Twitter and Telegram accounts use the same Superman profile picture.

Luke Brandon in video posted while an expat in SE Asia. In this video, Luke Brandon reviews prostitutes.

We found multiple websites where he posted videos under the name “unchained” and “expat unchained” during the time he was an expat in SE Asia. In those videos and in the comments, he would refer to himself as Luke Brandon. While living in SE Asia, Luke Brandon was very active in the MGTOW community. MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way and it is a horribly misogynistic anti-women online community of men who advocate from separating themselves from women. He eventually left the MGTOW community because he thought it was too Jewish. He has now embraced Christian Identity neo-nazism, but keeps the rabid sexism and misogyny of the MGTOW community. For more information on the MGTOW movement, see this article from the Guardian:

Luke Brandon discussing participation in MGTOW community

We watched these videos posted by the “MGTOW Expat,” “Expat Unchained,” and “Unchained” accounts mentioned above, and they are exactly the sort of rambling anti women garbage one would expect from the MGTOW community. Moreover, in all the many videos posted by these various unchained accounts, the presenter refers to himself as Luke Brandon and shows his face. The person in these videos is clearly the same person from the Luke Brandon Facebook profile pic as well as the selfies posted by the “unchained” Telegram and Twitter accounts. Not only has Luke Brandon posted videos providing his name and image, we also found that he posted videos documenting his move to Libby Montana.

In the videos he posted documenting his move to Libby MT, we learned that Luke Brandon made a pit stop in Billings Montana. In Billings, Luke lived in a rented trailer for a few months. He also purchased a new black Ford Explorer, which he then used for his move to Libby MT. Furthermore, in these videos documenting his move, Luke Brandon films the inside of his new Ford Explorer. We could see, in the video, the sound system is connected to his phone, playing music from a playlist he titled “Unchained” and also showing the name Luke Brandon on the display.

To top it all off, confirming without a doubt that “unchained” is Luke Brandon, on both Luke’s personal Facebook and the “unchained” Twitter account we found the same pictures of the inside his new Libby MT house. Those interior house pictures match with pictures posted in the real estate listing of his house.

Pictures of inside his house posted by Luke Brandon to the unchained Twitter account

Pictures of inside his house posted by Luke Brandon to his personal Facebook

Real estate listing showing inside of Luke Brandon’s house

As one can see looking closely, the fireplace in the Twitter pictures, the Facebook pictures, and the real estate listing pictures all match. Searching publicly available property records also shows that Luke Brandon bought the house at 2 Pine Ct, Libby MT 59923 in January 2021.

Luke Brandon selfie posted by the Unchained Twitter account

Not only do the interior house pictures from Luke Brandon’s Facebook match that of the “unchained” Twitter account, the selfie posted by the “unchained” Twitter account is clearly the same person as the selfie posted by the “unchained” Telegram account (see the screen shot posted at the beginning of this article), which is then itself the same profile picture as the Luke Brandon Facebook account.

The Luke Brandon Facebook account has also posted several times to the Libby/Troy MT Facebook community group. Luke Brandon uses his personal Facebook account to actively interact with the Libby/Troy MT community. He does not make his disgusting anti women and neo-nazi beliefs known on his personal Facebook account.

Luke Brandon posting to the Libby/Troy MT community Facebook group

Luke Brandon, Libby MT nazi

So, being certain that Luke Brandon is the same person as behind the Unchained accounts on Twitter and Telegram, here is some evidence of him being a nazi.

Christian Identity Nazi-Luke Brandon of Libby Montana

In the posts above, Luke Brandon states that he identifies as Christian Identity. For more information on Christian Identity, which basically is a belief that only white people are human, see the SPLC article on the movement attached via hyperlink: Christian Identity is a unique antisemitic and racist theology that rose to a position of commanding influence on the racist right in the 1980s. “Christian” in name only, it asserts that white people, not Jews, are the true Israelites favored by God in the Bible. The movement’s relationship with evangelicals and fundamentalists has generally been hostile due to the latter’s belief that the return of Jews to Israel is essential to the fulfillment of end-time prophecy.

As someone who was active for years in the MGTOW community, Luke Brandon is extremely sexist. He is more even misogynistic than the average neo-nazi and does not believe that women have any active role to play in the nazi community other than having babies.

He is so sexist he even attacked a female nazi leader who was interviewed on a nazi propaganda clip regarding the up coming White Unity Conference.

Community Threat-Luke Brandon, Montana Nazi

Luke does not share his hate and nazi beliefs on his personal social media, seemingly wanting to keep his new Libby MT community in the dark as to his vile, hate ridden beliefs. Luke prefers to hide his hateful beliefs behind the anonymous “unchained” accounts. That is why we are sharing to the Libby MT community what their new resident, Luke Brandon, truly believes. The screen shots we are sharing are merely a snapshot of Luke Brandon’s disgusting hate.

The “unchained” accounts online belong unquestionably to the new Libby Montana resident Luke Brandon. Now we will show why Luke Brandon is a threat and a concern behind simply being a vile nazi. Mainly, Luke has stated that he is done with waiting, that he wants action. Recently, he connected with the White Lives Matter nazi crew in Kalispell Montana and wants to place similar nazi propaganda around Libby MT. For those unfamiliar with White Lives Matter, it is a racist white supremacist response to the Black Lives Matter movement. For more information, see this Southern Poverty Law article:

Luke Brandon posting as Unchained on Telegram saying that he connected with the MT WLM chapter to put up stickers

In early September 2021, which is when Luke Brandon made this post about connecting with Montana chapter of WLM, there was also WLM stickers placed during more than one occasion around Kalispell MT. Those stickers were located quickly and removed by locals who do not want nazis organizing in their town. The Montana WLM chapter posted evidence of their nazi propaganda stickers being put up around Kalispell on the WLM Telegram channel.

WLM nazi propaganda stickers placed in Kalispell MT.

After returning to the USA from six years as an expat traveling around SE Asia, Luke Brandon moved to Libby MT as a location where he would prepare for the “Last Stand.” Nazis like Luke Brandon believe a race war is inevitable and soon, and that the collapse of the United States will happen soon. This preparation for the last stand is to prepare for societal collapse and then to rebuild a new nation as a whites only fascist state.

Luke Brandon embracing fascism.

Luke Brandon saying he moved to Montana to prepare for the Last Stand and the collapse of modern society

Luke Brandon moved to Montana in hopes modern society will collapse into a race war, in which he dreams of him and fellow nazis emerging from the society collapse to rebuild a new fascist white only nation. Moreover, he is done with online activism; he wants action.

Luke Brandon saying he is done with online activism, and that he has connected with the Montana chapter of the nazi group White Lives Matter

Luke Brandon embracing guerrilla tactics

Luke Brandon says he is done with online activism. He does not particularly support marches and protests, but he does support guerrilla tactics as a means of advancing the Christian Identity, white nationalist nazi agenda of creating an all white fascist state. He is concerned about organized activism because, as he correctly points out, publicly organized white nationalists are generally considered terrorists. Those following the Ammon Bundy campaign for Idaho governor should take note of the fact that there are nazis who see the deadly Ammon Bundy ranch standoff for what it is: an example of organized white nationalism in action, just like the deadly neo-nazi Charlottesville ‘Unite The Right’ rally.

Conclusion: Luke Brandon, Libby Montana Christian Identity Nazi

Luke Brandon is an active Christian Identity nazi. He moved to Libby MT in January 2021 in order to prepare for what he believes to be the inevitable upcoming race war and social collapse. He longs for social collapse and fantasizes building a whites-only fascist state. While he was for years very active online with videos on multiple platforms, he has recently decided he wants more real life action. He is fed up with the lack of perceived results of online activism and is done with being keyboard warrior. Moreover, now that he owns a house, he does not want attention drawn to himself because he does not want his views to be exposed nor does he want his location to be know. All we can say to that, it too late. If you, Luke Brandon, did not want your hateful beliefs exposed or you location to be revealed, you should have thought twice before bringing your vile Christian Identity nazi ideology to Montana.

Luke Brandon saying he does not want his location to be known. He lives at 2 Pine Ct. Libby MT 59923.


Luke Brandon’s house at 2 Pine Ct. Libby MT


Luke Brandon’s vehicle

Luke Brandon is racist and sexist nazi. More than that, he is active in the white supremacy community, connecting with other nazis and spreading propaganda.

He lives at 2 Pine Ct Libby MT 59923.
He is 42 years old.
He drives a new black Ford Explorer XLT.

He is active in the Libby/Troy MT community Facebook groups, and the people of NW Montana should be aware that Luke Brandon is not just a 42 year old single vet who loves cats and superheroes, but that he is also a vile racist and extremely sexist active neo-nazi.

If anyone has further information about Christian Identity nazi Luke Brandon, please email us at

We keep us safe. Solidarity.